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Inexpensive Beauty Treatments That You Can Easily Do At Home

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Do you want to pamper yourself but are on a tight budget or too tired that the thought of going out drains your energy? Don’t worry! We’ve got a list of beauty treatments that you can easily do at home for cheap!

So shall we get started?


Manicure and Pedicure

Getting your nails painted can make you feel like THE QUEEN. But this combo can be quite costly at the nail salon, especially if you have calloused feet that require a bit of work.

When your nails need a little bit of attention, skip the salon. Go dust off your nail polish bottles on your dresser, get your creativity going, and treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure?  And the best part? You can watch your favorite TV series while painting your nails.

If you’re out of nail polish, order online and get your Fave beauty deals. Who knows? You can even get yourself a sweet cashback for your purchase.

Create a Spa

What’s better than a spa? Bringing the spa home! How? Light some candles. If you have scented ones, that’s even better! Then, turn off the lights and take that relaxing hot shower. You can also soak in your bathtub, sprinkle some flowers, and drop a few essential oils.

Once you’re done, you’ll feel pampered and relaxed than ever. Pour yourself a glass of wine if you have the time. You can even step it up a little further and play some of your favorite music.

De-Puff Your Tired Eyes

Don’t we all just hate puffy eyes? Look good and feel good by de-puffing it yourself at home. Mix a batch of green tea and put it on the fridge. Get some cotton and soak it in the tea. Then, lay these on your eyes. The antioxidants present in the tea will help in removing the inflammation while the caffeine will shrink any blood vessel appearance.

If you don’t have any tea, cool some raw potatoes in the refrigerator. Once you’re ready to use them, just peel and slice one before you apply it to your eyes. Potatoes are a natural astringent which can help in taking down your eyes’ swelling.

Facial Massage

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Who said you couldn’t give yourself a facial massage? We’re here to tell you that you can and that it’s very easy to do. Start by applying some hydrating serum. Then, massage around your eyes in a circular motion.

Once done, pinch your brows to apply pressure to your brow bone. And lastly, use your knuckles to run up under your cheekbone to increase circulation and remove any tension on your face. It’s as easy as that!

Trim Your Own Bangs

It’s quite easy, really. After all, why would you pay a lot of money just to have your bangs cut? Some salons even charge as much as getting highlights! Crazy, I know. There are a lot of YouTube videos showing how to cut your bangs. Give it a go. Who knows? You’ll discover a whole new side to you.

Treat Your Hair

In a perfect world, we won’t have to worry about any bed hair or one that looks ragged and frizzy. And without enough budget, you’ll have to get ready to have a bad hair day every single day of your life. High-end shampoo and conditioner are quite expensive. So why not do a leave-in hair treatment?

Not only is it expensive, but it’s also pretty easy to do. Just use a one-ingredient hair mask such as mayonnaise, coconut oil, yogurt, honey or aloe vera gel. It’s a must-try if you want to nourish your hair and leave it looking like you just went to an expensive salon and get your hair treated.


Here’s another hair tip to help bring back life to your locks. Do a homemade hot oil hair treatment. Here’s how to make your own treatment. Once done, pour it on and use a plastic cap. Let it sit for around fifteen minutes. Use warm water to rinse and follow with a cool rinse. This will lock in any moisture to your hair, making it look healthier.

Get Super Soft Lips

Get totally kissable lips with this tip. Mix a gentle and all-natural exfoliator three or four times a week. Here’s a sample that you can do at home.

Mix raw honey, white sugar, and raw cacao powder in a small container. Each one is one tablespoon each. Then, apply a layer on your lips and leave it for at least ten minutes. Afterward, scrub away and viola you’ve got yourself dreamy soft lips!

Tweeze Your Brows

A grooming treatment doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make a major difference by doing everything yourself at home. Get a tweezer and pluck some scraggly hairs from your arch. This is way better than any threading or waxing, which might remove a lot of hair. Plus, you can style your brows the way you want it.  

Make plucking your eyebrows a little less painful by doing it after a hot shower. This way, your hair follicles are opened up. Then start grabbing the hair by the base and make sure you pull in the direction of hair growth. Don’t pull in the opposite direction. It’s more painful that way and makes sure not to pull multiple times. When you’re satisfied with your brow, apply aloe vera to soothe any irritation. It also helps cool down your skin.

DIY A Beauty Product

If you have no extra cash for quality body products, there’s no need to deprive your skin of a good pampering. Turn to Google and search DIY beauty product projects. You can find cheap and easy recipes from naturally scented bath bombs to lavender vanilla body scrub!

All in all, pampering yourself doesn’t have to be expensive. There are a lot of DIY projects you can do.  Just be creative, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

Did you like our tips? Let us know in the comments below.

Author Bio: Nidhi Mahajan is a guest blogger and passionate about content writing. She has been blogging about lifestyle for more than 7 years now with variety of topics covered under lifestyle related articles. To read her more pieces on the stuff visit lifestyle Guide at Pop-pins.com


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