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Inexpensive, Fun Bikes for Teenagers

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For many people, learning to ride a bike is an important part of childhood. It is fun to ride a bike. As children become teenagers, having a bicycle can be a great way to get around, enjoy some extra freedom and have a little fun with friends. Of course, teenagers also grow very quickly and raising them isn’t cheap. So, you may be looking for some inexpensive but also fun bikes for teenagers.

Understanding the Types of Bikes

As you may already know, not all bicycles are the same. There are a number of different types ranging from a women’s cruiser bike to a men’s fat tire bike. These should be your top categories for teenagers:

  • Hybrid: A hybrid bike is in between a mountain bike and a race bike. It has thicker tires than the latter but a more comfortable seating position. This is a great do-it-all type of bike.
  • Cruiser: For a more relaxed ride, consider a cruiser. This is an excellent option for getting around town at a relatively casual pace. Cruisers are especially popular in beach communities but can be fun anywhere.
  • Commuter: Despite the fact that your teenager is probably not commuting, this type of bike can still be great. It is similar to a road bike in a lot of ways. However, it has a somewhat more comfortable riding position. Consider this if you live in a built-up area.
  • Fat Tire: Teenagers love fat-tire bikes. These are great for getting around town and can be a lot of fun to do tricks with. They also do very well on sand.

You may also consider a race or mountain bike. However, these are somewhat more specialized types. Likely, your teenager wants to have extra freedom.

Selecting a Bike That Will Be Fun

Picking a bike that will be fun depends a lot on where you live and what the rider wants. Some people may want a bike that is fun for tricks and local riding. For this, a fat tire bike is great. Other people want to go everywhere and see everything. For this, a hybrid or commuter bike would be better. If you are choosing for a teenager, consider the type of terrain he or she will likely be on. It may also help to see what other teenagers have.

Consider an Electric Bike

Electric bikes are a ton of fun. They are a little more expensive than standard bikes. However, they can be a real treat.

The advantage of e-bikes comes from the built-in electric motor. This can allow the bike to ride under its own power. Alternatively, the rider can take advantage of assistance from the motor while pedaling.

For teenagers that want to go everywhere, these bikes can be great. They are a safe and fun form of short- to medium-range transport.

Start Your Search Today

Get started on your search for an inexpensive but fun bike for a teenager today. Don’t forget to match the size to the rider. The best electric bike for short female riders is quite different from the right choice for a tall male rider.

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