Influence Of Social Media On Real Life And Relationships

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In the present scenario, social media is playing a very important role in all the aspects of everyone’s life. The fact that social media helps us in connecting with friends and family and discover like-minded people can not be denied, but at the same time it is affecting the real life relationship we have with people around us in many negative ways. Social Media brands people and the brands are not compulsorily always authentic. It pressurizes people, especially teenagers to live up to the expectations of coolness it has created.

Virtuality Over Reality

Influence Of Social Media On Real Life And Relationships 1

Social Media websites and apps are used as the number one developed mode of communication with friends and family, but what we seem to be forgetting is that virtual communication no matter how developed can never make up for the real one. Have you ever wondered how much time you spend on Facebook and Instagram on any given day? Most of it quite possibly, now think about how much time you spend engaging in the real personal conversations with people you care about.

Social Or Socially Awkward?

Social media was developed with an idea to make people more socially active, being able to connect with people worldwide, but ironically, what it has actually done is made people socially awkward. People nowadays prefer chatting over talking in person or on the phone. They avoid any real conversation and indulge only in virtual emoticon-filled conversations.

Borrowed Goals

Social media is setting a benchmark for all aspects of life, which is not easy to match for any normal person, and as a result, people end up thinking they don’t have a good life and ignore everything good going on in theirs. More often than not the goals people set inspired by social media aren’t their own, they are a bunch of things everyone seems to be doing, so you should too, and if you can’t, you end up cursing the life you live. End result? Disappointment and depression.

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