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Interior Decorating Tips for Industrial Themed Cafes 

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In the past few years, the industrial style of interior decorating has been gaining a great deal of popularity. Industrial style gets its inspiration from the wide and spacious feel of factories, warehouses, and other industrial structures. It is a subtle marriage of comfort and modernity, and it utilizes both metallic and organic elements. This style is perfect for cultivating an austere and comfortable ambiance, so if you are designing or redesigning your cafe, the industrial design is a great theme. Here are 7 Interior decorating tips for industrial themed cafes.

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  • Use neutral colors



When it comes to utilizing industrial themes properly, you’ll have to take your color scheme seriously. Remember that the industrial theme is all about subtle yet striking designs. So lay off overly bright colors like orange, yellow or aquamarine. Instead, stick to more neutral colors such as grey, white or flesh. It is better to use neutral colors because industrial design already has very dynamic and striking effects. So you’ll need neutral colors to tone things down and make your design more balanced.


  • Decorate with tasteful antiques


When it comes to using industrial design, you should know how to utilize antiques. Remember that your main goal is to bring back memories of the industrial era. Those were times of great change. They were times of innovation, and by using choice antiques in your design you could capture this concept very well. Of course, you should not just use any old antiques. They have to go well with your overall concept. They should also be in good or at least passable condition. For example, you can use an industrial age cash register for business. This would be a perfect addition to your ensemble because it not only goes with the theme, but also has a utilitarian feel. It makes your customers feel that they are actually back in Victorian-era London, where the industrial age was at its zenith.


Antiques can be a bit pricey though, and having them restored can be a pain and a bit of a money pit. This is why you should have contacts with pawnshops and auctioneers to get the best prices possible. 


  • Add metallic and glass elements


During the industrial era, cities were full of factories that had a spare and utilitarian feel to them. They were usually made of metal beams, concrete, and had large windows to let in light. You can use these elements in your cafe design, by using solid steel chairs or tables. You can also use couches that have metallic limbs. 

The industrial age was also known as the age of mass production. It was the first time that products were mass-produced. If you take a look at old industrial age pictures, glass bottles were amongst the most commonly made products. You can add these elements to your lighting by making lights out of recycled beer bottles. If you’re going to use this motif you’re going to have to buy beer bottles in bulk because you’ll need a lot to illuminate your cafe. 

Interior Decorating Tips for Industrial Themed Cafes  2


  • Balance things out with wooden elements


As it was stated earlier, one of the key elements of the industrial design is the subtle balance between utilitarian and comfy. This is why you will need to add wooden elements to your cafe. The wooden parts will help counteract the austere metallic elements in your cafe. There are many ways you can do this. You can use wooden beams to hold up steel archways or pipes. You can also build wooden chairs reinforced with steel plating. These subtle designs will give off a turn of the century vibe, where utility and comfort walked hand in hand.


  • Utilize as much open space as possible


When it comes to using industrial design, it is best to utilize as much open space as possible. Remember that you want your cafe to have a utilitarian vibe. So keep the furniture to a minimum. Don’t use up all the space, leave a few feet of your cafe bare of decorations or furniture. This will allow your cafe goers to see the overall structure of your cafe. They will be able to see the metal beams, the wooden floor, and all the other accouterments that are synonymous with the industrial style.


  • Let loose the pipes


Although most interior designs would advise you to hide your building’s pipework, the industrial style encourages you to show off your pipes. This is a peculiar yet refreshing concept that is unique to the industrial theme. By showing off your pipes, you are showing your customers how the building works. You show them how the building is able to function so well. Just make sure that the pipes don’t have any leaks. You should also paint and maintain them as much as possible. It is interesting to see the pipes snake through the building in an intricate pattern. But it would not be a good thing to see sewage leak through your pipework, so maintenance is key.



  • Use machines as accent pieces


As it was stated earlier, the industrial age was characterized by its heavy reliance on heavy equipment. If you look at old pictures of the industrial age, you’ll see huge boilers, printers, and pipes that were commonplace during the industrial age. So it makes sense that you use them to decorate your cafe. There is a myriad of old industrial age machinery for sale online, and they are quite affordable. They can be placed in strategic areas all over your cafe. They will act as centerpieces or conversation pieces for your cafe. Just make sure that they are not so big that they obstruct your customer’s movements. 


The industrial era was a time of great change and innovation. With these great tips, you can capture the essence of this past age. 

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