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4 International Environment-Friendly Tourist Destinations


One of the most important things many of us are doing at this time of the year is planning a vacation, and THE most important thing all of us should be doing throughout the year is worry about the environment. Because hey, the planet isn’t going any younger or greener. So among other criterias, you set while planning your vacation, eco-friendliness of your destination should be one of them. And just so you know, there are many countries around the world, taking major steps to preserve the environment.

So, here are Four nations you might like to visit if you want to travel green and eco-friendly:

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, with its rich jungles, preserves and natural reservoirs, is one of the major examples of environment protection and sustainable development internationally. Costa Rica is loaded with environment-friendly hotels and lodges which provide services such as naturally warmed pool and right-from-farm dining. The best time to visit the country is between December and April.



Lithuania is a very ecologically determined country and indulges in responsible and environment-friendly tourism. The country very resolutely follows the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and is fixed to have an environment-friendly tourism industry. Summer is the best time to visit the country of Lithuania as the winters are way too cold.


The country is home to about 50 national parks and reserves, need I say more? The Kenyan government has introduced Ecotourism Kenya which helps the government to examine the natural resources and environment of the country. The hotels and lodges providing accommodation to the tourists are rated based on their environmental schemes. The best time to visit this African country is between June and October.

The Republic Of Palau

A tiny country constituted of about five hundred islands situated in the Pacific Ocean, that is Palau for you. The country takes many precautions to make sure that the beauty of the place is not hindered by the interference of man. The place is a little offbeat in regard to tourism as a result of which the place is still very fresh.

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