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Is The Idea Of Parallel Universe Real? 4 Amazing Theories


Are you searching the answer to the question, is the idea of parallel universe real? The answer awaits you here.

Our universe is full of mysteries. Either for its creation or its destruction, we don’t have exact answers. But we have many theories with some satisfying proofs.

Around 13.7 billion years ago, there was nothing except space. Then, according to the big bang theory, somehow, an explosion is triggered, which created this expanding universe. Eventually, the small particles began to form into massive galaxies, stars, and planets.

Our universe is expanding in the space. So, there are some possibilities for the existence of some other world like ours in that space. This is the concept of Multiverse.

A parallel universe is a hot topic for more than 50 years, from science fiction to science fact. There is such an enticing concept that suggests that there could be other universes besides our own.

One of the exciting and mystical concepts of the multiverse is the existence of parallel universes. You might have seen such enticing ideas in comic books and science fiction movies. Many of you might have much interest in it. Let you know from the beginning.

Is The Idea Of Parallel Universe Is Real?

Concept of Parallel Universe

The parallel universe has many names like alternate realities, parallel dimensions, and so on. The basic concept of the parallel universe revolves around the infinite duplicates of our world.

The parallel universe consists of the exact copy of all our stars, galaxies, and planets that exist in our universe. Even you might find your doppelganger in the parallel universe.

Who started the concept of the parallel universe first?

Erwin Schrodinger first described this weird concept. A noble prize winner who discovered the famous Schrodinger equation. In 1952, in a lecture, he said about the parallel universe concept.

He said that the alternatives for an event are somehow happening at the same time. He believed in that concept.

Here is a simple example of his concept. Think of the second world war. Hitler loosed in our reality, but there are possibilities for the existence of many alternate realities. He might have won the battle in one of the alternate realities. This is the earliest known reference for a parallel universe.

Later in 1954, Hugh Everett Ⅲ stated the theory of universal wave function based on quantum physics during his Ph.D. He broke new ground by deriving a mathematically consistent theory of universal wave function from the equations of quantum mechanics.

The existence of multiverse emerged as a consequence of his theory, not predictable. In a footnote of his thesis, Everett wrote,

“From the viewpoint of the theory, all elements of a superposition are ‘actual’ none any more ‘real’ than the rest.”

First, Everett’s work completely disagreed, and later it was recognized.

Later many scientists worked in the concept of the parallel universe based on the universal wave function theorem, even Stephen Hawking. Before his death, he worked on many ideas. One of those concepts is a parallel universe.

Stephen Hawking published a paper about this. In that paper, he explained about the no boundary theory. Also, he throws an idea about black holes. He says that the black holes in our universe might be the bridge between our parallel universes.

Many theories abbot the parallel universe concept came. Out of those, many theories let you know about the four most accepted/most plausible theories.

1. Bubble/Inflation theory

Bubble Theory is one of the most popular theories about the parallel universe. According to this theory, our universe sits on the skin of a giant bubble created by the Big Bang. Our bubble universe is not the only one.

The expanding universe at an accelerating rate. During the expansion of this universe at some point in the space, the inflation of the universe does not take place. So, the expansion will take place in some other part. As a result, new universes are created like ours.

The new universe can be created in the baby bubble that budded off from our bubble universe. This can repeat numerous times. But in each bubble universe, the matter that exists and the laws of physics they govern them can be different.

It is impossible to get to a parallel universe since the gap between our bubble universe, and the other is continuous space.

2. Infinite Universes theory

Scientists can’t be sure what the shape of space-time is, but most likely, it is flat, and it has an infinite expansion. Even though space-time is expanding, it must come to an endpoint. But it is not the real end. It will continue its race after that point through another big bang.

Our universe is a perfect example of this theory. Around 13.7 billion years ago, a big bang created our universe. If somehow, we travel 13.7 billion light-years, we can find another universe. This might be generated due to another big bang that occurred far from our world.

In this way, there are chances for the existence of an infinite number of universes. Maybe there are chances for the existence of the universe which are older than us. This is the theory of the Infinite universe.

3. Many World Interpretation (MWI)

The Many World Interpretation of quantum mechanics holds that there are many worlds out there in a parallel universe as same as ours. The universal wave function theory by Everett Ⅲ is the base for this interpretation.

Many-Worlds came along in the late 1950s. Bryce DeWitt made the universal wave function theory famous and named it as Many World theory. This is one of the most exciting approaches to our list.

According to this theory, we are a part of the wave function; that’s why we see a single outcome. The wavefunction has multiple branches corresponding to the different possible measurement outcomes.

Similar to the famous Schrodinger Cat. The cat is alive with happy Schrodinger and dead with a sad Schrodinger.

The parallel universes are the different branches of the universal wave function. In this universe, we see the one possible outcome. Other alternate universes exist where the other possible results happen.

This is the simple explanation of the Many World theory.

4. Mathematical Universe Hypothesis (MHU)

Max Tegmark of MIT, proposed the famous Mathematical Universe Hypothesis (MHU). It is also known as the Ultimate ensemble theory or the theory of everything.

Maths play a vital role in all theories. This cosmologist theorized that the universe itself is made of maths. He saw the universe as a gigantic mathematical object. He says everything in the universe, including humans, is a part of mathematics.

All mater is made up of particles, which have properties such as charge and spin. But these properties are purely based on mathematics. Max believes in that.

There are other theories like daughter universe theory, loop theory, and so many are there. But notably, none of these theories are proved. In the future, there are chances for that.

In this way, the parallel universe became one of the hot topics. A question that might arise in your mind is, is there any proof for the existence of a parallel universe? If you search for this question, you will get surprising and shocking answers.

There are proofs for the existence of a parallel universe. Let you know some of the new evidence for the parallel universe existence.

A) Double slit experiment

The most exciting proof for the parallel universe is the famous double-slit experiment. The motive of the analysis is to find the behavior of the electrons, while it is passed through two slits.

In the double-slit experiment, electrons are passed through the two slits of a material. The particles through the material slits hit the wall behind it. While they fired the electrons through the slits, they found that the electrons behaved like a wave after passing the slit.

To study the behavior in detail, they fired a single electron through the slits. They used cameras to study their behavior. It had to create a single slit shape. Surprisingly that single electron created two-slit shapes.

This is only possible if there are two electrons. But they fired only one. This state is called a superposition. This has proven the possibility of the existence of particles at different places at the same time.

B) Mandela Effect

The Mandela effect is an unusual phenomenon where a large group of people remembers something differently than how it occurred. This was fist happened in 2009. Broome while talking in a conference, she remembered the tragedy of Nelson Mandela’s death in prison in the 1980s.

However, Nelson Mandela did not die in the 1980s in prison. He passed away in 2013. Surprisingly, she was not the only person to remember that. Many people joined her. That’s why this effect is called as Mandela Effect.

Conspiracy theorist believes this as a proof of the parallel universe existence. But doctors use it as an illustration of how imperfect memory can sometimes be.

C) Dreams

Scientists believe that dreams as one of the proofs of the parallel universe. Not all the universe, only the lucid dreams. Sometime people will get dreams of themselves which some changes.

In such dreams, their surroundings will be different, but still familiar relationships exist. Sometimes the people who are dead will be alive. Such dreams are called lucid dreams.

If such dreams happen, you will experience a life with some changes. The conspiracy theorist says that such dreams are the alternate outcomes, as we discussed in the many world theory. In that dream, people will see another outcome of their reality, which is happening in the parallel universe.

D) People having Parallel universe experience

Many people said about their experience in a parallel universe. One of those people is Lerina Garcia Gordo.

On July 16, 2008, a woman by the name of Lierna Garcia Gordo asked help from a forum. She had a different experience after she woke up. The world was not the same that she had left before going to sleep.

On the morning of July 16, she awoke to find that her bedsheets were in a different color. She was confused and disturbed by her strange surroundings. From her home to the office, everything has changed.

She was confused about her life. She thought it might be an effect of a nervous breakdown. Doctors said that she might be under a lot of stress. Some people believed that she went for a parallel universe. But some say it is because of Cotard Delusion.

Still, there is no proof for the parallel universe travel.

These are some famous proofs for the parallel universe concept. Also, there are many large shreds of evidence like unexplained artifacts like London hammer and so on. Even ghosts are considered as one of the proofs.

But till now, none of the proofs are proven.

NASA about Parallel Universe

In 2003, NASA found a cold spot in our universe. They confirmed the cold place in 2017. This converted the parallel universe as a hot topic again. Many theorists said that it could be due to the impact of another bubble universe with our universe.

There are other groups of people who believe that this could be due to the expansion of our universe because of dark matters.

Recently NASA has claimed that the time in the parallel universe flows backward. You can see such news on the Internet, but it is not. They found evidence of fundamental particles that may defy our current understanding of physics.

In this vast universe, there are numerous particles like electrons move randomly and react with other particles. One such particle is neutrinos. They are a million times smaller than an electron. So, they cannot react with other atoms.

There are some labs like Super – Kamiokande is there to study about neutrinos. One of the labs is Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) of NASA is used to find neutrinos and to examine them. They found that they react once in ten years.

Usually, the neutrino particles come from space and react with atoms in our Earth. Surprisingly, in 2016, a neutrino particle came from Earth. First, they thought it was a reflection.

Again in 2018, they found the activity of high energy neutrinos from Earth. This proved that it is not a reflection. They named this event as upwards pointing cosmic rays’ event.

This was created as a hypothesis by a third-party person and not by NASA.


This universe is vast and full of mysteries. We do not have any proven proofs either for its creation or for parallel universe concepts. We have only theories with satisfying tests.

Like the neutrino case, we have many phenomena that are beyond our understanding. But nothing is impossible. Our improving technology will prove all those mysteries.

I hope this article has fed your curiosity about the parallel universe. Mention your views about the parallel universe below.

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