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It’s Okay If You’re Someone Who Doesn’t Have a Plan Yet


Life is like this river, flowing, changing paths, full of uncertainties; you won’t even realize when a sudden pit comes your way and the next thing you know is you’re down as a waterfall instead of the plain path you thought you were going to flow down. So, it’s okay if you’re the only one around you, who seems to lack that planned and schemed take on your life.

  • Firstly, get over the illusion that most people around you or your age know what to do in their lives exactly, mostly because they keep pronouncing their goals all the time. How many of them get exactly what they wished for first-handedly?! Hardly anyone gets it all, because life does this amazing thing, where it gives surprises (hush… I meant shocks), and everyone has to eventually carve their new path all over again. #youarenottheonlyonesuffering

  • Words of legends: “Nothing lasts forever”. Make this your slogan every time you have one of those break-down sessions. I know there’s probably a lot of pressure, a lot of hopes and expectations to keep up to, but remind yourself that “This too shall pass”. I swear that helps.  And sooner or later you’ll see that morning sun again, just keep walking further, and don’t stop.

  • Find that adventurer within and take those few necessary risks. Now, I’m not suggesting you to do anything that costs you your life, but a few minimal risks need to be taken in life to give it a booster sometimes. Go for that trekking trip you’ve been wanting to go for so long, go tell that person how you feel without for once thinking about how they’ll react, get that tattoo, speak up when you feel something isn’t right. The best memories are made in those unplanned trips, where every moment is a new challenge and a chance to shape your life differently.

  • You’ll have amazing stories and life lessons to tell people about. No-one’s certain about what exactly they want out of life. Those life-changing stories of how someone similar made it, Without-a-plan, is always a hit and inspires more people than we think of.


  • Believe.

The power of belief is undeniably strong. Go through Dr. Joseph Murphy’s “Power of Your Subconscious Mind”, available in print and online, both. It depends hugely on the way you take things. I’m not asking you to be an all-day long over-optimistic rainbow-horned Unicorn. Just, take things one at a time and believe in the power of your thoughts. If you didn’t get what you wished for, tell yourself something better is definitely coming, you can’t just see yet and believe in it.

  • You can’t control time and age, but you can always control what you do with it. If you’re worried about the fact that time will pass and after an age, you can’t have the things you wanted to have while younger, my friend, you’re wrong.

First of all, everything will eventually fall into its right place and when you see the bigger picture, you’ll understand why it never worked out back then.

Also, you never get old with your age; it’s your mind-set that decides how old you really are. You can always start late. It’s better than never trying. Here are some people who didn’t have the life the conventional/planned way:

Charlie Chaplin

Albert Einstein

Abraham Lincoln

Beyonce Knowles

Bill Gates

Henry Ford

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