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January, a Busy Month for Personal Injury Claims

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Accidents, as their definition says, happen anytime, anywhere. They are quite unexpected, although statistics could predict their probability to a certain point. From slipping on a wet floor in a restaurant to crashing with a car while you’re cycling, and being a side-victim in a bar fight, the possibilities are endless.

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According to documented evidence, lawyers claim that personal injury cases seem to increase in numbers every January. That is an unfortunate way to start a new year! Not to mention it’s also a prolific month for divorce files.

Personal Injury cases bloom around New Year’s because of the increase in alcohol consumption associated with the seasonal celebration. Add the bad weather into the mix, with icy roads, snow storms and slippery stairs, and you’ve got an accident waiting to happen. The risks of injury increase dramatically, especially since the public administration or private individuals fail to keep their premises clean and safe, out of neglect, or because of overwhelming conditions.

While you can request compensation if you slipped on the ice in front of the store, keep in mind that you may be held partially responsible for the damage if it is demonstrated that you were lacking motor and judgemental capabilities at the time of the incident, due to intoxication.

What to Do When Suffering Personal Injury?

First of all, document your incident thoroughly and try to get contact info from as many witnesses as you can.

Second, talk to the best personal injury attorney and asses the damage. Build a strategy and decide what would be a realistic settlement amount that you should demand.

Get treatment for any injuries you have, and make sure to have the doctor assess possible future damage. Add other types of damage and loss as well, such as emotional trauma or lost wage. It will all make your personal injury case claims quite strong and the defendant eager to settle than to go to trial.

Settle for a reasonable amount if your lawyer agrees that it is realistic. Your injuries affect your life and you should be compensated for the damage they caused, including the lawsuit you filed against the defendant.

How to Prevent Personal Injury During Winter?

There are countless measures one could take to lower the risks of injury during winter. Knowing that the laws protect you in case something bad happens can be reassuring, but nothing is more effective than prevention.

You must also protect yourself from being held liable for injuries of others, especially if you own a business with a lot of foot traffic.

Here are some preventive measures you can take:

  • Wear appropriate winter shoes, even during your work commute in the city. Dress shoes are poor at keeping you warm and stable. Invest in a good, waterproof pair of boots that not only keep you warm and dry, but also have anti slipping soles. If needed, you can make the soles even more abrasive by scratching them.
  • Only drive your car if it is equipped with winter tires. Try to avoid distractions when driving. Have your car checked before the season and maintain it regularly.
  • Clean the front of your house, the stairs to your business, the sidewalk. Contact the local administration if they are late with cleaning your street.
  • If you own a business that works directly with the public, for example a bakery store or a restaurant, keep the inside and outside of your premises clean and dry at all times. Train the staff to react as quickly as possible to potentially hazardous situations and put visible signs, indicating possible risk.
  • Wear reflective clothing and cat’s eye devices, especially if you are cycling or jogging. If you have a dog, fit it with a light collar or reflective clothes and accessories too.

Always be on the safe side, whether it’s January or not. Try to be extra careful when starting the new year, so that you’ll have little chance of confirming the statistics yourself.

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