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Jewelry Trends: Contemporary Jewelry and Handmade Jewelry

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In love with your favorite little red dress? May you’ve have already worn it to a couple of parties before and you’ve got the best compliments ever that you really wish you could wear it again. Accessorizing your dress with the latest pieces of necklaces, rings, and earrings can take it to a different level and you can wear your dress confidently to other occasions as well. Jewelry is one of the simplest ways to update your appearance. From the diamond-encrusted expensive pieces to the much simpler inexpensive ones, jewelry comes in all the different ranges.

Jewelry Trends: Contemporary Jewelry and Handmade Jewelry 1

It’s time to say goodbye to the delicate pieces of jewelry, as the bold pieces are in trend currently. From classic to contemporary, designer jewelry comes in different varieties. Handmade jewelry and contemporary jewelry are highly popular these days.

You can add a touch of flair to your outfit by accessorizing it with the right pieces of contemporary jewelry.   Handmade jewelry has gained a great deal of popularity during the past year and the emerging trends in these unique pieces make it suitable for both special events and for regular outfits. Let’s now check out the latest trends in contemporary jewelry and handmade jewelry.


  • Trends in Contemporary jewelry


Adding bold pieces of jewelry like big earrings, rings, and pendant or layered necklaces is one way to add life to your dull and boring look. The latest trends to look out for in contemporary jewelry this year are:


  • Asymmetrical jewelry


From earrings that are mismatched, rings of different shapes and sizes to necklaces that disproportional, asymmetrical jewelry is in trend now. Make sure that you select earrings that complement each other. Wearing matching pieces of jewelry was recently termed as uncool by The New York Times, so, you don’t have to worry that you would look crazy wearing mismatched pieces of jewelry.  

  • Earrings that are long and dangling

When it comes to earrings the latest trend is the long, shoulder-length ones with stones, beads, and tassels. The bigger, the better. If you are looking for trendy earrings, check out Roma Designer Jewelry.


  • Pendants and layered necklaces


Big pendant necklaces are no longer considered an ancient piece of jewelry worn by your ancestors! They are currently in trend and preferred by many. Any metal pendant that is bright or dull could give the desired look. Another trend when it comes to necklaces is wearing layered ones. It has a set of thinly layered chains with one fitting as a choker and the rest hanging down.


  • Anklets


Though it was out of fashion for a while, anklets are back in trend. They come in different varieties including the plain delicate metallic chains, or ones with metallic or plastic beads or pearls. You can wear a single one or layer up two or more anklets together.


  • Brooches and pinky rings


A Brooch is no longer an accessory worn by your grandma which would make you look old-fashioned. Brooches are one of the latest trends in jewelry that can upgrade your plain lapel or collar. When it comes to rings wearing one on your pinky or little finger is the latest trend. A delicate silver or gold ring on your little finger would look really cute.


  • Colorful button earrings


The pattern seen in the trends in earrings is that the earlobe is the point of focus. So, it is no wonder that the colorful button earrings are back in trend.


  • Vintage jewelry


Like almost all the pieces of jewelry that are back in the trend some of the bold and larger pieces of vintage jewelry are also on trend this year. Mixing and matching the contemporary jewelry with the vintage jewelry could give you a unique collection of jewelry.


  • Trends in Handmade jewelry


Each piece of handmade jewelry is uniquely crafted and wearing this with your outfit makes you appear stylish and bright.  The different kinds of handmade jewelry include:


  • Jewelry made of natural materials


From leaves, wood, and leather to feathers, fruit slices, and seashells, a wide variety of natural materials are used to make handcrafted jewelry.


  • Uncut minerals


Another trend in handmade jewelry is to use uncut minerals in necklaces, rings, and bracelets.


  • Jewelry with nature motifs


Images or pictures from nature are being used in the handcrafted jewelry. This makes that piece of jewelry much more noticeable.


  • Hand-cuffs
  • Filigree detailed jewelry
  • Statement jewelry


It’s time to get rid of some pieces of jewelry that you’ve been using almost day in and day out and buy some new ones. Whether you plan to buy cheaper jewelry or the expensive pieces, make sure you understand the latest trends in jewelry to avoid spending your money unnecessarily.

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