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Kid’s Party Package: What Info You Need To Provide Planners


For your upcoming kid’s birthday party, there are many kid’s party packages you can choose from. This is a good idea considering that getting a package can give you ease and convenience in preparing for parties. When choosing a package, it is important that you provide the planners with everything they need to know. Some fail to get what they want from the package, simply because they do not provide all the necessary information that the planners need in the first place. 

Information You Need To Provide Planners For Your Party Package

Collaboration with the planners is necessary, as most of the information, they need to make your party the most successful, is coming from you. 

Basically, below is the information you must tell planners:

  • Number Of Guests

The first information you must need to tell planners when getting a kid’s party package is the number of guests you need them to cater to. How many guests do you expect, 50, 100, or more?

The number of guests, together with the duration of the birthday and the party inclusions, will determine the price of the package. 

You would not want to get a package for 100 if you are only expecting 50 guests and vice versa. Make sure you know the final count on your guest list before going to the birthday planner’s office. 

  • Theme Of The Party

Before you even visit a planner, you must have a theme prepared in mind. It is best if you ask your kid about the theme he/she wants or you can decide yourself by considering your child’s interests.

If you are not as artistic and completely have no idea in mind, you can let the planners provide you with theme options and you can choose from the list they provide. 

The planner should be aware of the theme you want to achieve so they would know where to start. 

  • Activities You Want To Be Included In The Event

There are packages that have included activities, but that should not limit you from letting them know other activities you want included and excluded from the package. Do you want magicians performing in the party? How about balloon sculpting or face painting?

You can also check on the party planner’s website, like https://emagicalmoment.com/kids-birthday-party-packages/, to get ideas on the best activities to consider for your child’s birthday. 

  • Your Budget

Sure, you would not want them to offer you with a list of packages that are beyond what you can afford. You want options within your budget’s range hence telling this immediately to your planner is necessary. 

If you have a minimal budget to spare, you must tell it right away to planners and let them decide if they can accommodate your budget. If not, you can choose the next planner on your list. 

There are many packages available to choose from, and this plentiful of options would make it harder for you to decide which to choose. Being able to provide your planner all the information above can somehow trim your options to few, hence making you decide easier and effectively. 

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