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9 Kinds Of People You Encounter In A Puja Pandal.


As the Puja’s mystic charm encapsulates every man, all puja enthusiasts look forward to pandal hopping. The entire puja celebration becomes all the more exciting with exquisite pandals adorning the otherwise dull cities. Here we list 9 kinds of people you would find in almost every puja pandal. Read on and find out which category you belong to. *GRIN*

  1. The pious ones.
    One can spot them enchanting complex mantras completely unaware of the crowd they are holding back. Picking up anything they can find related to the Goddess- vermillion, prasada, arti or just a touch of the bamboo separating them from the idol, they are the favorites of the Goddess.

2. The experts.
They are the ones making comments like “Oh! this pandal is made of thermocol” or “The carvings are the same as in Ajanta and Ellora” or “Do you know how much this entire thing costs?”. They have a dedicated audience absorbing their knowledge to pass on the same to their acquaintances with some added spice.

3. The loiterers.
They kind of just hang around- near the food stalls or the swings or the main entrance or near the idol or just anywhere that is in a close proximity of the pandal. They attend every programme organised and may even take up some volunteer work.

4. The photographers.
Well they know when the puja is over, the photographs are what remains. So be it the idol or the intricate design of the chandelier or their companions or just some random bush nearby, they have it all with them.

5. The selfie freaks.
Yes, we had to put them in a separate category. No, they are not the same as the selfless photographers we talked about. They will just block your way while you are hurrying towards your car, to pose for a selfie-alone or with their friends. So make sure you photobomb their picture.*smirk*

6. The fashionistas.
They are the ones who steal the show from the Goddess herself. While they strut around in their glory, we can’t help but wonder why they are not on the ramp for one of the international fashion shows.

7. The irritated ones.
They jostle their way through the crowd giving angry glares to anyone and everyone around. Everyone except them is responsible for the chaos in the pandal and in their lives. One can hear them complaining about the noise, the crowd, the maintenance, the security and the very existence of the poor pandal. Just keep your distance to stay safe.

8. The uninterested ones.
They can be spotted in some corner fiddling with their phones, glancing over their shoulders once in a while to see if their relatives/friends are done with their business so that they can leave.

9. The Obamas.
Well, we had no other way to describe how busy these people are. They pass by a pandal, stop their cars, ask the people accompanying them to catch a glimpse of whatever they can without getting out and then leave. And mind you,they are so quick about all this that the vehicle following them doesn’t need to blow their horns even once.

So, did we miss out any??



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