Ten Kinds Of People You Meet in Your College Classroom!

Ten Kinds Of People You Meet in Your College Classroom! 1

“Who wouldn’t love college, a sanctum of freedom and fun, the youthfulness and the cheerful years, and it is here you find the people from all walks of life, as in literally all walks of LIFE, the college classrooms are phenomenal.”

Re-introducing the Ten Kinds of People you have already met in your college classroom, just take an imaginary ride down the lane.

1.Teachers pet, is that you?

You find this person, sitting on one of the very first benches, glued to the lecturers eyes and in turn they have their nerdy glasses defining their IQ.

The teachers are in love with them, it’s like having their clerk in their classrooms. The registrations, the marks, for heaven’s sake, even the red ink corrections are done by these pet’s precious 100 on 100 hands.


The teacher often compares you with this almighty student and all you want to do is to stab this teachers pet or rather come up with acts of kidnapping them and make them complete your tricky assignments.

2.Struck by the Mass Bunk Bug

This person is one lazy, sleepy person within the four walls of the classrooms. Take him out of the classroom and he is the party animal. The only thing restricting them from their party mood is their attendance shortage and hence they come up with the brilliant idea of excessive mass bunks.

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3.The Flirt

You can find them in both genders, one with a complete playboy smile and a charming speak-with-all attitude and the other kind capable of killing you with just the smiles and talking with just the eyes.


They are mostly found around the attractive people hoping for at-least one success story. They grimace at the word commitment and would rather live their life as happy-go-lucky charmers.

4.The Hulk

These people need someone to console them, 24/7. They have a temper which is probably capable of turning them into the big bad green hulk, even the smallest change in the arrangement can make them loose their cool.


They are mostly found in fights, arguments and disruptive areas, fighting like a lone warrior.

If understood, they can be calmed by the right person at the right time!

5.The Cry-Baby

Mostly found in the x-chromosomes in the class, sensitive like a touch-me-not. Tell them they are wrong, lo and behold, the dams are open, the water is flowing and you feel really awkward and embarrassed in front of them and end up consoling them. If you find them around you, keep a kerchief handy in case you are going to break the news of the death of a street dog in some other city.


6.The Doubt-Master

This person comes prepared for the toughest answers but it back-fires with the most illogical questions ever.dmTeacher: The crow found a pot of water when it was thirsty.

Doubt-master: Why is the water kept in a pot?

Teacher: …

DM: Why is there a crow in the story and not a cow?

Teacher: ….

DM: Why have they kept it in the syllabus?

Teacher: KILL ME!

7.The Model

If there is an early morning class starting at around half past six, you’ll barely be able to open your eyes and listen to the lessons. Then enters the run-away model, completely flawless, with make-up, eye-shadow, the nail-polish matching her denim ripped jeans, finely plucked eyebrows and perfect lipstick.


After looking at her, you never want to stand in front of a mirror with your floaters, tied hair and the almost baggy unmatched dress.

8.The Tech-Whizz

This person is the non-nerdy kind, with a cool accent and too much information about the advances in technology. Their mind finds peace among the gadgets and they generally look down upon the technology illiterates. They hate the rich kinds who have gadgets with incredible inventions but their only use is for Facebook and WhatsApp.


They are generally found around the broken gadgets, the hung-up computer and helping the technology illiterates to get their work done.

9.The Once in a Full Moon

Their name would be popular for their consecutive absentee status. Once in a full moon, if and when they come to class, they become the lodestone of the class with eyes glued to them sizing them up in every manner possible.



10.The Devdas

These kinds are over-sensitive and need a smack to give that sullen face a lift, that bear bearded face a shave and a bath to get rid of the reeking alcohol.


They are generally found lonely in the campus ogling at the other pairs and often found narrating their epic love story to passer-by’s.

They need help in the form of a new girl-friend;)

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