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The Ultimate 8 Lake Michigan Beaches

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Ah, the state of Michigan. Most of the Great Lakes have their border, including Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Lake Erie. In a nutshell, along with providing one-fifth of the world’s freshwater, they also serve as amazing tourist places that just can’t be missed if you’re so inclined.

Since Michigan is full of lakes, we have plenty of lake Michigan beaches that attract plenty of tourists from different parts of America and other parts of the world. Just a simple getaway for relief and peace. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into talking about Lake Michigan Beaches and see what’s so special about them.


Lake Michigan Beaches

1. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Boasting more than 60 miles of shoreline and regal dunes, the beaches of Sleeping Bear dunes are some of Michigan’s most prized possessions. With golden hues greeting you as you take a stroll on the beaches admiring the panoramic views of the coastline sipping on your drink, you will be greeted by the gentle breeze that will catch your attention and bring you peace.

Swimming is evidently popular at a spot like this, but if resting peacefully under an umbrella is your jam, you could do that as well. Some of the beach’s best points are located at Platte River Point, Tiesma Road, Peterson Road, and Esch Road. The most interesting thing is that this area’s perimeter is surrounded by lovely forests abounding in flora and fauna unique to this region.


2. Grand Haven City Beach

Another one of the very popular lake Michigan beaches in Grand Haven City Beach. It is located in a picturesque and lovely beach community in the western part of Michigan. Although it has a 9 USD entrance fee, you get an abundance of activities and amenities. You can enjoy a cool swim in Lake Michigan or try your hand at surfing or kiteboarding, all of which are very fun activities.

This is home to the delightfully named Morningstar Café, and you can grab a snack if you get hungry. This is also a pet-friendly beach for those pet owners out there reading this article. This place also offers unique bed-and-breakfast lodging options like the waterfront Looking Glass Inn.


3. Oval Beach

Oval Beach is ranked as one of the most popular Lake Michigan beaches and one of the best beaches in all of North America; this is a must-visit if lake Michigan beaches are on your to-do list. Oval Beach is located in Saugatuck, MI.

This lake in Michigan offers incredible views and will stop your thinking in your tracks, drawing you to enjoy the present moment in all its wonderful glory. It doesn’t matter which part of the beach you choose to visit, it’s the same, in terms of pure awesomeness.

You will be rewarded with sights and sounds that will remain with you for the rest of your life. With calm, welcoming waters and warm sand, your mind and body will thank you for bringing yourself here on one of the best lake Michigan beaches. You will also find a huge pier stretching out into the water that will offer you views of the nearby Kalamazoo River.


4. Saugatuck Dunes State Park

Another one of the most famous lake Michigan Beaches is the Saugatuck Dunes, State Park. As the keen-eyed among you might have guessed, this place is famous for its dunes. It can be terrific fun for the beachgoers to explore some of the dunes that reach heights of 200 feet in total. There’s a nice picnic area over here for the guests to enjoy.

Another great thing about this beach is that it has great hiking trails, and even on busy days, you can find a nice private spot over here.


5. Silver Lake Sand Dunes

The Silver Lake Sand Dunes is hard to access but extremely-worth-it idyllic and romantic getaway for couples and adventure seekers who want to explore the more than 2000 beautiful acres of dunes between the shining lake and the silvery beach. This famous place is located between Muskegon and Ludington along Lake Michigan. Now assuming you get tired of swimming, having been on more than a dozen beach spots in Michigan, don’t worry, we got you covered.

Over here, you can enjoy recreational activities like hiking, four-wheel driving, and boating. One of the easiest ways to get access to these dunes would be to get an off-road vehicle; otherwise, this would be a 45-minute walk from the Silver Lake Parking Area, which is not a very pleasant experience. A good resort to spend your time on would be the Dunes Waterfront Resort, which would offer you clear views of the place.


6. Manistique Beach

This beach in upper Michigan attracts several locals and tourists because of the harbor views and ideal swimming conditions. It’s not even hard to access like Silver Lake Sand Dunes. It’s just a short drive from the downtown area of Manistique. It is one of the best Lake Michigan beaches; as repetitive as that might sound by now, it’s true; they are all gorgeous.

You will find mild swimming conditions over here, making it ideal for swimming or floating on a raft. The beautiful thing is, you can see the Manistique Lighthouse from a beach chair. You could picnic here, have some amazing dishes in some nearby restaurants that offer local cuisine. You could also take a tour of the Seul Choix Lighthouse (Only Choice Lighthouse)


7. Muskegon Beach

If you’re one of those types of people who look for adventure as well as relaxation on beach vacations, Muskegon is the place for you. With over a dozen beaches, campgrounds, parks, and convenient amenities, and fun activities, you won’t be disappointed to spend a few hours of your life over here. All of these can be found on the shore of one of the best Lake Michigan beaches.

Apart from these, you’d also find dozens of picnic areas on the beach, with softball fields, disc golf courses, playgrounds, and even nature trails for just walking calmly and healing your stressed minds. You can find the perfect place for a getaway with your family in a modern or a rustic campsite to enjoy along with the relaxing nature of Michigan’s natural landscape.


8. Holland

No, I’m not talking about the Netherlands. At Holland, you can watch elegant sailboats drift across lake Michigan. You can take pictures of the scenery to your heart’s content; you can relax at the scenic harbor, making it the perfect spot for a weekend getaway or a beach destination. You can take your tent or rent an RV if that’s your style.

If your wallet is getting a tad bit heavy, you could also spend your time at one of the luxurious hotels over here. In the free land, you have complete freedom to climb the dunes, row your boat, get some nice brown tan; in a nutshell, if you can dream, you can probably do it in Holland.


So, there you go, if you’ve come this far, you already have an idea of how beautiful these places are. I know what your heart is saying, get on that plane and have an amazing trip ahead of you with your loved ones.


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Take care, let me know in the comments if you like this format of articles, if you like lake Michigan Beaches, and I’ll see you in the next one.

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