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10 Latest Fad Amongst The Youth


The youth have always been the game changers, trend breakers and makers. Youth have always been known for their zeal and rebel. They have also been in the limelight for following some weird trends or grooming themselves according to some latest fad.

Here are some trending stories regarding the latest fad that the youth of this era has fallen prey to.

1.The #Hashtag World

The youth is going gonzo with the Hashtags. Everything is communicated via Hashtags in this era. Status, updates, Photo uploads are all with Hashtgas. As this is the most recent discovery and definitely deserves the 1st position in the trending latest fad list. Cheers to all the Hashtaggers!!!!

2.The Call of the Heart instead of Call of the Duty

Since the childhood we have always heard that ”Work is Worship”. The youth today believes in worshiping the work that sprouts out from their vehemence unlike the times where success of a person was measured in terms of their grades earned and the organisation they worked in. Things have finally started changing where the youth is fighting to pursue their passion as their career. The youth today finally comes in terms with espousing passion for work over agony of work. This latest fad led rise to the era of “STARTUPS”.

3.The CHECKIN obsession

This latest fad of “Check-ins” opted by the youth is nothing but a subtle way of blowing one’s own trumpet. You know what there will always be this one friend in the group who will surely be addicted to the “Check-in”. The situation is like as soon as you enter a restaurant or a fancy place or you just out on trip with your family or buddies this person pops with a question like ‘Hey guys! Did anyone Check in?’ Then all the eyes from the group pops out towards him with a cheeky facial expression and an inner voice saying, Like really? Why the hell on earth is this person so obsessed with CHECKIN?

4.The smiley talks

There was an era where communication took place via pagers, telephones, mobiles, sms, chatting and after all this faded, there has come a time of “Smiley Talks”. This is an integral part of chatting. Folks are so freaking obsessed with smileys that all their sentences end with a smiley and not a full stop. Then when you are too lazy to write or you are bewildered about what to write then these Smileys come to your rescue.

5.Selfie Selfie Selfie!!!!

All the photoholics came out with the fad of ‘Selfies’. Tough this methodology was used since the inception of camera phones but was given a defined term in recent times. Everyone is obsessed with Selfies today. The only drawback is low megapixels of the front camera that does not provide us with high definition pictures unlike the back camera does. All the mobile companies should focus on providing front camera with higher pixels as compared to the back ones.


Until few years back we were very much aware about the concept of chatting but recently we snap chat instead of chatting. This novice way of chatting with pictures which also provides with various beautifying filters has become the latest fad among youngsters.


In past when we would come across the word “photo-shoot” the only image that came across our minds were models, cameras, lights and pictures. In recent, it is not only the models that have the privilege to face camera and get clicked. Everyone is getting shot under the banner of Pre-function shoots like pre-wedding, pre-maternity and so on. This concept has paved to provide business to the budding photographers.

8.Girl Bikers

Until few months back, we would always co-relate bikes with men but the concept of equality hit here as well, and women did not remain behind. We have seen ample of women carrying the attitude just like men, putting on their leather jackets, knee pads, helmets and totally conquering the world of Biking. This even proves that women are trying to equate themselves with the physical strength because handling around 200-300 kgs of the heavy metal is no joke. Kudos to all the women bikers out there. Keep riding!!!!

9.No shave November

There has been a flare of no shaving among the young lads in the month of November to celebrate the ‘No shave November.’ Many people unaware about the fact of this concept happen to grow their beard just to have a nice look or because it is the latest fad. No shave November was introduced to embrace the hair on human body to show privilege they have as compared to cancer patients who in turn lose hair during the process of their treatment. The pointer to this cause was that by not shaving one can save on the shaving expenses and donate it for their treatment of cancer patients.


With the advent of Instagram, all the photo lovers got a platform to showcase their photographing skills in respect to multiple objects like food weather or anything that one likes clicking. I am very much sure that every youth has an application called INSTAGRAM in their phones attached.

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