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18 Legendary Habits of a Well-Dressed Man

Legendary Habits of a Well - Dressed Man
Hannah Nicollet

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Habits are the behaviors and activities performed by an individual regularly. Depending on what they are, your habits will either make you shine or make you look dumb.

Having a smart and elegant dressing sense is not a difficult task!

Ever noticed your eyes getting attracted to rare men having a simple and classic style of dressing up? Whatever they dress in, be it a suit, a vintage T-shirt jeans pair, or even the joggers, they carry it gracefully. Thus they tend to be the style icons for the other men around.

Being the best dressed not only includes the way you style your clothes instead is your overall personality. The way you walk, you talk, the way you arrange your things, your concern about being tidy and whatnot make you a proud and down-to-earth, well-dressed man.

If you want compliments from people saying you are such a gentleman, and they adore you for being the most well-dressed man they know. Then what are you waiting for? Read this article ahead and get to see the 18 Legendary Habits of a Well-Dressed Man.

So let’s get into the topic and know more about the habits of these well-dressed men. As you go through this post, you will be able to decipher the 18 Legendary Habits of a Well-Dressed Man, which might help you in enhancing your overall personality and your knowledge about men’s style.

1. A Well-Dressed Man is Confident About What He Wears!

The best thing a man can wear is his confidence! Being one of the well-dressed men is all about confidence. You might be wearing the most expensive suit from the best brand, but what about how you feel wearing it?

A confident man owns his looks since it’s the real shadow of his personality and who he is. And the key is to know how to carry clothes, accessories, and expressions sprucely.

HLS 44

Source: unsplash.com

2. Sophisticated in Their Overall Personality

A well-dressed man knows how to dress up maturely as per their age and have control over their tongue as well.


3. Their Outfits Fit Their Body Perfectly.

Having clothes fitted to personal and accurate measurements is the ultimate indication of a well-dressed man.

Because of this habit of a well-dressed man, they know their tailor by name and remember their measurements by heart. They visit their tailors more than their in-laws, maybe.

Taylor Grote

Source: unsplash.com

So, to own this habit, everything you wear should fit.

Make sure anything you buy, doesn’t matter how inexpensive or how expensive it is, it needs to fit you. Don’t purchase something because it’s on sale, but it is the wrong size. It is never going to look great on you, gentlemen.

The clothing you put on should be well-tailored, neither too loose nor too tight, and you should pay attention to finer details as well. Hence a perfect fit.

4. They Carry a Healthy Body Posture

A stylish man always focuses on his posture. The way he sits, the way he walks, and the way he does his all other works are almost ideally perfect.

A well-dressed man will always take care of himself and shall follow an exercise regimen and a balanced diet. Looking good is a combination of well-fitted outfits & a groomed, healthy built. Hit the gym or manage a few minutes in the morning, and you shall always be on top of things.

5. Being Clean and Tidy is Their Basic Fundamental.

A well-dressed man always carries an adequately washed and tidy attire.

They keep all of their things, from combs and wardrobes to shoes and socks neat and adequately washed.

They always put hygiene first in everything, from separating the washed and unwashed clothes to regularly changing their undergarments.

6. They Know How to Care for Their Clothing

Is ironing for women? Try telling this to a gentleman!

Jonathan Francisca

Stylish men are quite particular about their clothes. They wear clothes, aptly washed, dried, and ironed.

A stylish well-dressed man knows what’s there on the care label of their clothing.

They regularly keep clearing off their unused or worn-out clothes, shoes, and other things. Also, they keep their clothes dry cleaned and dangled correctly on the wooden hangers.

Waldemar Brandt

Source: unsplash.com

7. Prioritize Comfort and Function Over Style

The most specific habit of a well-dressed man is that he prefers comfort over style.

Style without comfort is not worth it because the discomfort is real. You will always be distracted by the discomfort you are wearing.

Remember that function and comfort are more important than style but should never be without it.

Fábio Scaletta

Source: unsplash.com

8. Less is More

They know if the wardrobe is filled with hundreds of clothes which don’t fit you, but you bought them from the sale, it is not worth it.

He also knows the importance of simplicity; never overdo it with color combinations, accessories, and layering.

Dmitry Vechorko

Source: unsplash.com

9. They Know How to Accessorize Well

A well-dressed man always carries accessories accurately according to the outfit, not too much, neither too less.

A watch, a belt, a good quality bag or suitcase, and shades or specs, if any, is all you need to be called a well-dressed man. Additionally, a pocket square is fixed correctly in your suit.

NordWood Themes

Source: unsplash.com

10. Style Over Trends and Fashion

A Well dressed man is never scared to be a rule breaker. They know that fashion trends are transmutable, while style is perpetual. They prefer personal styling over trends.

That’s why a gentleman should always invest more in basics rather than in trends.

11. They are Very Well Aware of the Power of Smart Footwear.

Your footwear is one of the first things someone notices; thus, it is essential to think about them.

For a well-dressed man he needs to check his footwear before leaving the house. Any worn-out shoes would instantly ruin your outfit.

Cristofer Jeschke

Source: unsplash.com

So to be one of the well-dressed men, invest in a good quality pair of shoes.

But your task for a great shoe pair doesn’t end here. The maintenance is just as essential. Treat them well, polish once a week, clean their dirt daily, and be rewarded with a pair of shoes that look almost similar to the day you bought it.

12. Attire According to Their Body, The Weather, The Occasion and Their-self

A well-dressed man always has appropriate clothing based on the occasion, the dress code, and the weather. Moreover, they buy clothes according to their body, and they don’t dress up to impress others instead of themselves.

Stand unique is another go-to fundamental of a well-dressed man.

13. They are Ideally Groomed Men

Skincare and hair-care are an essential requisite for them.

A stylish man always takes care of their skin and hair, both well. They follow a good skincare and hair-care regimen.

They regularly invest in buying good quality skin and hair products. They never step out of their house without brushing up their hairs and applying an SPF on their skin.

For a good skin and hair care routine, you should never forget to apply moisturizer and sunscreen daily and put on oil in your hairs twice or thrice in a week. Go for regular haircuts no matter what!

You need to be appropriately groomed every day to be called as a well-dressed man.

The Creative Exchange

Source: unsplash.com

14. Following a Perfect Beard Care Routine

A well-dressed man grows up their beard well and knows how to take care of it. They don’t just let their beard grow unevenly by getting influenced by trends like “No shave November.”

Sorin Sîrbu

Source: unsplash.com

For the perfect beard care regimen, a gentleman would use the right quality beard care products at a regular interval.

And the irony here is, you can have the most expensive clothes on, but if your beard has stray cornflakes in it, it doesn’t look tidy, and all your excellent work will be undone.

15. Seek Out the Right Perfume

A well-groomed man has a trademark scent that they stick to and knows the importance of not overpowering the room.

They prefer a unique, classy, and luxurious perfume. They want their scent to be different and unique from the others to stick out from the crowd.

Laura Chouette

Source: unsplash.com

16. Smart Buyers, Preferring Quality over Quantity

Following a never-changing unique style, they are not afraid to spend money on high-quality clothing.

To own this habit of a well-dressed man never go shopping being a brand conscious guy. Buy only when the quality and your style are satisfied.

17. They Have a Well Organized Surroundings

A well-dressed man always has a properly arranged wardrobe and workplace. There is a place where everything goes. Hence you can easily find it when you need it.

Zoe van Poetsprins.nl

Source: unsplash.com

Scott Graham

Source: unsplash.com

18. Don’t Brag About How Good They Look.

A stylish man would never boast about his style in front of others.

The habit you should follow to be a well-dressed man is not to tell your style advises until and unless asked for.

Being a well-dressed man, you should respect other points of view regarding their style; you should not prick and try ruining their style.

Being tidy and sophisticated is the key to all the habits of a well-dressed man.

Looking good and coming around as a well-dressed man is not about the amount of money you splurge in your wardrobe (like it does), but significantly it’s about imbibing some good habits and a strict regimen. Remember that the league of sharp-dressed men was not made just because they knew what to buy but also because they knew the finer details as well.


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