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Leopard Raises Ruckus in Bengaluru School, We Are All to Blame!


The hush and rush of human civilization have laid a negative impact on wildlife


When humans destroy the wildland to build their homes, factories, malls, and garbage dumps, the land changes.

The land, which was once home to many animals, insects, and birds, is not theirs anymore. Their whole life cycle changes, due to which, many of them die.

We have witnessed many incidents where wild animals entered human habitats, which, in fact, caused miseries for humans.


One such incident occurred recently on Sunday, 7th Feb in Vibgyor International school in Bangalore city, Kundalahalli.

The school was closed that day, and only a few staff members were present there. (No kids, thankfully!)

Soon after the leopard was spotted in the school CCTV cameras, an alert was flashed off, and immediately forest officials and police were informed about the complete situation. Six people were injured trying to capture it.

A 10-hour operation was carried on to catch the leopard, but, till 3 pm, it yielded no results. After a long while, the big cat was found hiding in the nearby bushes.

When authorities tried to recapture it, the feline again entered the school premises near the pool area. It attacked the Conservation Scientist Sanjay Gubbi, who was standing on the other side of the pool. He tried to chase the leopard with binoculars. But, when the tranquilizer shot the leopard, it removed his attention from Mr.Gubbi, and the leopard tried to run towards the restroom and collapsed.

Footage of school security camera showed the leopard attacking a man near the pool.

Even a person from the media was injured who was present during the whole operation and was trying to capture the close image of the big cat.

The leopard has now safely been moved to a national park.

Wildlife officials even said that the leopard might have possibly strayed into the school from the nearby forest, and if humans keep on dwelling on their land, these incidents might become frequent.

As the news spread, nearby people trooped in, making it really difficult for police to handle the complete situation.

The same incident occurred last year when the leopard entered the TMS School of Chikmagalur district in Karnataka and injured three people.

Authorities said human dwellings are depriving wildlife of their land, which is the main cause of these attacks. Also, a recent wildlife census estimated that India has a leopard population of about 12,000-14,000, and the forest land is around 200 acres, i.e., near to school only.

Also, they have demanded BBMP officials for fixed street lights to avoid any worse situation.

The rule of Nature is simple:

You try to destroy it; it will destroy you, in some way or the other.

Humans are destroying wildlife for their own benefits, and it is affecting them, and we can see the example of the residents of that area who are living in fear “FEAR OF LEOPARDS.”

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