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10 Life Hacks That Make It Easier


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Here, in the middle of this race-like time, we understand that you have almost no time in hand to look at life carefully. Got a little time to spare because of the busy bee you are? Well, here are some low cost hacks that would make your life a hell lot easier



Put old newspaper inside your dustbin to keep liquids from flowing as the paper will absorb it.


To protect your charger cable from bending and breaking, wrap a spring from an old pen around it. This hack will help you forever.


Paint your keys with different colored nail paints. This will make you identify them at once.


This one is essentially for the foodies out there. End your almost finished jar of Nutella with a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream. A yummy hack!



Kitchen Hack : Use a straw to remove the stem of strawberries without a mess.


Music Lovers, tie a knot on any one of your earphones. This will help you readily identify which one is for the right ear, and which one is for the left.


To see if a battery is good or not, bounce it on a table from about six inches. If it gives a small bounce and falls right over, it’s a good one. Otherwise it’s not. Easy yet useful hack!



Zipper stick got stuck? Don’t worry. Rub it with a graphite pencil tip. This will fix it.


If you run out of chargers at a hotel, look for a usb plugin in the television to use as an alternative. Chances are that you will find it.


Tie a small piece of colored cloth to your luggage. This will help you separate it from other bags.



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