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Limited Access, Without Limits

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Your property can be protected in a number of ways. Many of these ways do not require direct human oversight. When you need absolute certainty and a clear line of defense, having a technological edge allows you to verify who approaches, who gets in, and who gets turned away. Being able to do this digitally provides you more than the standard level of security.

The Human Disadvantage

Human security is challenging because any kind of guard you hire carries built-in problems. Human beings can misverify a vehicle, an ID, or a person. As well, a human being may not be able to properly log every license plate number due to simple error. Finally, there is both an added expense to hiring and the fact that no one has absolutely perfect attendance.

Using technology that is programmed to log plates, verify identification, and even respond to a passive device within a vehicle is far quicker than a person can be. When there are many people who may need to enter your facility, the speed advantage alone is worth upgrading to Nortech Control. Once you factor in the attendance, and the potential for human error and payroll expenses, using technology is a slam dunk of a solution.

Organization, Efficiency, and Simplicity

The ability to verify when a vehicle is authorized to be in your space goes a long way toward keeping the organization tight and efficient. By only letting in the right people, your parking area can move more smoothly and avoid the challenges of dealing with unauthorized people that slow down everything.

Vehicle detection comes down to more than simply letting in the right people while excluding the wrong ones. It also results in the organization within your parking structure, so people can move efficiently into your complex once they have exited their vehicles. Nortech provides a sensing system that can detect when a parking level is full, allowing drivers to redirect themselves to areas that have occupancy available.

Beyond Physical Defense

There is always the 1 percent of people who are actually a threat to physical security. While most unauthorized people are simply lost or are harmless, in the end, there is always the possibility that a malicious individual or a terrorist could decide to target your facility. These individuals need to be turned away, for certain.

Beyond simply defending your facility from a physical attack, attackers also need to be chronicled. By identifying the make, model, and license plate of their vehicle, this information can be forwarded to the authorities. By having a line on a potential assailant, they can be captured more quickly so they cannot attack anywhere else.

Legal Defense

One last benefit of the Nortech Control technology is that it can help you in mounting a legal defense. When an individual is turned away from your facility, they can always sue for discrimination of some sort. By identifying precisely why a completely impartial machine turned them away, this kind of legal action can be avoided from the beginning.

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