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Little Things Men Should Do For Their Women


Women are hard to understand. Small things can make them happy or upset. They say things they do not mean and complicate simple things. A man and a woman are different from each other and yet; they can have the most amazing relationship. Most women are insecure and often do not understand why men choose to be with them at all. They need to be constantly reminded that they are loved. Men may think that they need to buy expensive gifts for their women to make them feel special but all women want from them is their time and love. The simplest gestures can make them feel secure and content. 

Here’s a list of things that men can do to show their women that they care:

  • Take care of her when she’s sick- Everyone needs to be taken care of when sick. Take time out of your day to make sure all her needs are met. When she sees you put in so much effort, she will love you even more.

  • Remind her that she is beautiful- She lets you see her without her make up in her most comfortable clothes. Tell her that she does not need to dress up to look attractive, she looks amazing to you anyway.

  • Take her advice- She is almost always right. Do not just dismiss things she says. Taking her advice shows her that you care about her opinion.

  • Hold her hand- When in public, hold her hand. Let the world know that she belongs to you. Women love that.

  • Let her have the key to your apartment- This shows her that you trust her. Also, encourage her to keep things of hers at your place. Women are often hesitant as they feel like they are invading your space.


  • Remember the little things she says– When she talks, listen. Do not just stare at your phone while talking to her. Conversations are extremely important.

  • Share things with her- Tell her more about you, your childhood, your family, your workplace. She wants to know all about how your day went. Do not just talk, though. Listen to her too.

  • Notice the changes she makes- Maybe she has started doing her hair in a different way. Or maybe, she got a new piercing. She wants you to notice these small things. It tells her that you care.


  • Make her your priority- Be there for her when she needs you. Life makes you choose between her and other important things often. You need to set your priorities straight.

  • Plan dates- Take charge! Women love it when men plan things out beforehand. Shows them that they want to spend time with them.

  • Do not hide your emotions- Society tells men to hide their emotions. With her, let go. Be yourself, show her your weak side. It is okay to let your guard down.


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