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Live Casino Grows in Popularity: All You Need to Know


Casinos have existed almost all the time since society existed. At least we know for sure that brick-and-mortar casinos were available in Greece, Rome, and China even before our era. At the same time, the format of the industry almost did not change until the 20th century — tables for card games, roulette, or dice, and the croupier is the host of the playing process.

For centuries, the casino has been a place not only for gambling but also socializing. And despite the scientific and technological progress, everything remained the same for a long time, and the principles of work did not change at all. After reviewing the variety of trusted operators and exploring the phenomenon of a live casino by QYTO investigation, we must admit that this kind of entertainment is highly promising in all aspects. Therefore, we try to explain why people prefer casinos with real dealers to conventional slots.

Live Casino Games vs Slots or Why Slots Lose

First, we need to understand why most gamblers are not happy about modern slot games online. Here is the list of reasons we found after deep research:


  • the lack of live communication. The player is not only physically at home, but also on the site does not see anything except a slot machine;
  • the lack of an individual approach. The player often wants to feel the gameplay is going on with him but a slot machine uses the same algorithm for everyone;
  • the random number generator fails. And it does not allow you to show your talents in gambling, because it does not involve the use of any skills. Finally, many gambling enthusiasts justifiably do not trust these generators, because they suspect the system of twisting the results.


All this stuff is causing nostalgia about the good old casino. However, such an institution is not always located nearby. In such a situation, a live casino becomes a way out. This allows you to make a full-fledged virtual visit to a gambling house without leaving your home.

Top Advantages of Online Live Casino

Now we want to show some features of live casinos that attract players from the UK, US, and other countries.


The most pleasant one is an atmosphere of communication with the dealer and other players. It is impossible to feel while playing one on one against the slot algorithm. Communication is implemented in different ways. Somewhere, customers see the dealer in the video chat window, and they can simply write to this live chat and solve some issues. For example, on some sites, British players are at the virtual gambling table and can communicate in a full-fledged conference format.


Those users who do not believe the algorithms of modern gambling software prefer to play with a live dealer in some casinos. Any probability of fraud in live casinos is simply reduced to zero. All chances of winning and losing are the same as in simple games. Each person can check the reality of the dealer simply by asking a question or asking to wave a hand. Frauds are excluded, as hundreds of users are watching the game at this time.

How to Play Casino Live

The game on such sites does not differ at all from the game in a regular online casino. You can register for free, get the live casino bonus offered by the operator, and simply enjoy the live games with a good probability of winning a lot of money. Many casinos offer their users to play in demo mode that helps not spend real money and get to know the site. As a rule, live games do not have free demos. All you need for live gambling is a fast internet connection and some skills in table games.


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