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Telepathy – 6 Amazing Ways It Can Change your Life

Was it telepathy1? Did it ever happen to you that you plan

erika By erika

6 Surprising Reasons Not to Quit Smoking!

Addiction or affection! Whatever the reason for smoking1 is, it is harmful.

Ifraz Ahmed By Ifraz Ahmed

5 Habits to Get Away with to Succeed in Life

Every person has their own set of goals and dreams. No matter

Madhuri Naidu Chavvakula By Madhuri Naidu Chavvakula

10 Effective Ways to Pass Your Time When Sick

It becomes pretty boring to stay at home all day long when

Sonal By Sonal

Rejection In Love – 10 Best Ways to Handle It

Love is beyond any measurements. It can neither be bought nor be

Anjali Nair By Anjali Nair

Bookworm – 8 Unknown Personality Traits You Should Know

In this world of advancing technology, people have forgotten the impact books

Nuvita By Nuvita

Master Hypnosis: 7 Important Skills You Should Have

Hypnosis1 is a mental technology, which includes self-hypnosis or hypnotizing other people.

erika By erika

The Stem Cell Controversy : The Pros & Cons

Stem cell research, the term is full of controversies. At some point

Shaily Badonia By Shaily Badonia

Top 5 Iconic Indian Reality Shows We Miss!

Iconic Indian Reality shows have always been one of the favorite topics

Indranee Deb By Indranee Deb

5 Effective Ways to Break Up with a Boy

Do you feel that your boyfriend is way too irritating sometimes? Or

anubha By anubha

California- It’s Freedom Above All

While it's too hard to 'set free' and best and easy to

prerna yadav By prerna yadav

GO ETHNIC! – Put Your Best Foot Forward

It's easy to pick up a pair of footwear to match up

Indranee Deb By Indranee Deb

Biryani – Great History Mughal Empire (1526–1857)

Who doesn't like Biryani? We all do. Nay, we love it. That

Sandipan Dasgupta By Sandipan Dasgupta

Facebook Scam: An Alluring Trap 7 Ways to Find Out

The first social networking site was which originated in 1997, followed

Madhuri Naidu Chavvakula By Madhuri Naidu Chavvakula

If Language Divides Us, What Should Unite Us?

A language is essentially a tool that has two purposes. You can

Indranee Deb By Indranee Deb

The 10 Most Ruthless Practices Committed Against Animals!

Due to social media's ubiquity, the 'Yulin festival' gained massive attention and

Arshiya Chahal By Arshiya Chahal

Top 10 Bollywood Stars of All Time

India is famous for mainly two things, Bollywood and cricket. Its music

Priyanka Bhoj By Priyanka Bhoj

Boss-7 Weird Things He Says That Makes No Sense

The boss is someone who needs to be respected, appreciated, and sometimes

Madhuri Naidu Chavvakula By Madhuri Naidu Chavvakula