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6 Reasons Why Teenage Years Aren’t Ideal for Relationships

The teenage years are expected to be the best phase of our

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How to Get Over a Crush: Here are 10 Best Ways

Wondering how to get over a crush? Are you also woozy with

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Indian Youth and Live-in Relationships: Things to Know

In a society like ours, marriage sets the benchmark for a successful

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6 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Date A Geek!

Geeks are great at many things. However, getting a girlfriend is definitely

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8 Reasons Why You Should Date Your Best Friend

You would have heard this before: ‘Passion fades, but friendship lasts forever.’

Nupur Chowdhury By Nupur Chowdhury

Analysing the Kissing Paradox – Why Do Humans Kiss?

Why do we kiss? It is a million-dollar question. I mean, sure,

Nupur Chowdhury By Nupur Chowdhury

10 Things Your Girl Doesn’t Want to Hear From You

To all those guys who are confused about their relationships, there's a

Anudeep Reddy By Anudeep Reddy

The Distant Love

Love is the emotion that connects two people in a way that

Harsh Thakkar By Harsh Thakkar

6 Tips for a Charming Personality

Having a friendly and outgoing demeanour can smoothen out most of the

Nupur Chowdhury By Nupur Chowdhury

10 Best Gifts You Can Give to Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

Your special one's birthday is around the corner, and you want to

A Sakthi Srinidhi By A Sakthi Srinidhi

The Banyan Tree

Tushar sat quietly in his room, staring out of the window. He

Katyayn Srivastava By Katyayn Srivastava

Is India Ready For Live-in Relationships?

The world isn't what it used to be a million years ago.

Viswajith By Viswajith

Happy Singledom: 7 Things You Could Never Do With Your Partner

There are some unspoken rules in a relationship that you should never

Anjali Nair By Anjali Nair

Top Five Reasons To Love Your Parents

Parents are not perfect. They are impossible. Have you ever noticed how

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Reviving Old School Love…

The rain comes pouring down outside my window, and it appears to

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10 Things a Girl Wants in Her Prince Charming

You go on dates to understand your partner better, to discover the

Aarushi By Aarushi

The G.D :- A Discussion On Love

The G.D:- A Discussion on Love I love you Not only for

Devanshee By Devanshee

Aromanticsm: The Other Kind Of Love.

I wasn’t quite sure about this article's title because I don’t really

Ritarekha By Ritarekha