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The Third Kind Of People Other Than Single and Committed

"Are you single or committed?" This is one of the most commonly


Things Girls Need To Know About Guys

Since I have more guy friends than girls, I often hear them

Megha Purkayastha By Megha Purkayastha

The darkness within

She sat there alone, staring at the horizon, wishing she could touch


Breakups, Cause, Consequences and More..

We all are so good at giving advice and airing out our

rian By rian

8 Reasons to Be Crazy and ‘Stand up For Your Heart’!

Sometimes our hearts call out to us, and we respond to it

Anuva Agrawal By Anuva Agrawal

11 Reasons You Will Love a South Indian Girl

She is confident, intelligent, and gorgeous; she is a South Indian chick.

Nimay By Nimay

Come Back to Me – A Heartbroken Man’s Words

Life is a continuous struggle. Everyone shares their feelings with someone or

Pathik By Pathik

10 Reasons Why Sex Is Beneficial for You

I bet the word 'SEX' caught your attention. Aren't you smiling? Gotcha!

Divya By Divya

A Toxic Husband – The Man Who Stopped Me

I knew I would be late for the meeting even before I

Chitra By Chitra

Break-Up – 6 Worst Things Men Go Through

What do guys think after break-ups1? Break-ups are a tough time. People

Shivangi Chaurasia By Shivangi Chaurasia

Friend Zone – Everything You Should Know

Who on earth would like to be in a friend zone?! From

pavit teg bir singh By pavit teg bir singh

Love – Why We Really Fall in Love

There have been many theories regarding love1 and why one falls in


Long-Distance Relationship: 10 Things to Make It Work

A pure and true relationship is something that everyone does not quickly

Anjali Nair By Anjali Nair

10 Reasons Why Breakups Are More Than a Mere Tragedy

No matter how easy the term for calling an end is, it's

prerna yadav By prerna yadav

Introverts – Decoding Their Unique Mind

Introverts1 are generally misunderstood as bad at relationships, depressed 2and inferior. Still, they

Vaughira By Vaughira

5 Effective Ways to Break Up with a Boy

Do you feel that your boyfriend is way too irritating sometimes? Or

anubha By anubha

Life of a Scapegoat- 8 Questions You Should Answer

Most families in India aren't healthy families, but they project an image

Apoorva By Apoorva

9 Signs You Have Been Trapped In Your Relationship!

Relationships are golden But sometimes they are blue and if you don't

Shradha Ghosh By Shradha Ghosh