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The Granule Of Literature May Not Be Lost: KOODIYATTAM

In the modern world, where new genres of art are being created

sandeepa baidya By sandeepa baidya

The Indian Wedding Seven Vows: What Do They Mean?

Before we go into the Indian wedding seven vows, let's look at

Sushruta Bhattacharjee By Sushruta Bhattacharjee

Top 10 McDonald’s Facts You Didn’t Know About

Red & Yellow. A colour scheme that brings forth fond memories of

Liana Yadav By Liana Yadav

Lingua Franca: Countries with English as First Language?

English — oh, beautiful English. If you are going through this post,

Sushruta Bhattacharjee By Sushruta Bhattacharjee

Gender Violence in India: Past, Present and Future

India had a rich and diverse past. Our country is one of

Cicil Sandra By Cicil Sandra

Just Be Yourself! But, How?

The most frequent advice one gets from their family and friends is

Monimoyee Chakrabarty By Monimoyee Chakrabarty

Halloween: A Festival Beyond Fantasy

All of us love to hear spooky stories, watch horror movies or

Adarsh Verma By Adarsh Verma

Intolerance Towards The Dalits

INDIA: no place for children: post-2006 Nithari Case. INDIA: no place for

Smriti gupta By Smriti gupta

The Diary Of A Young Girl

MY LIFE MY RULES…. Being a girl is definitely the world’s most

Shaily Badonia By Shaily Badonia

7 Common Indian Names

Before we talk about common Indian names, here's a story, of a name:

swati By swati

The Top 7 Reasons Being Bad is Better

According to one theory, only one could survive – either the Neanderthals

Eraser By Eraser

5 Reasons Why You Should Follow A Music Band

It has been quite a while since people have started following things

Saiguhan Elancheran By Saiguhan Elancheran

India’s Foreigners

It is hard trying to find a traditional person nowadays. Everyone, especially

Janani Ganesh By Janani Ganesh

80% of Engineering Students in India are Unemployable

'80% of Engineering students in India are unemployable'- this is the current

Maha By Maha

I Love You in Different Languages: Guide For You

Learning greetings in multiple languages is very common now, but learning the

Kashish Mehra By Kashish Mehra

What Is PU Leather – The Best Comprehensive Guide

If you're a shopaholic person, you might have already realized that the

KhushiHeda By KhushiHeda

Grabba Leaf And All Astonishing Things About It

 If you're a lover of all-natural tobacco smoke, you must have heard

Shaina Joarder By Shaina Joarder

Top 5 Amazing Florida Gun Shows

If you are looking for popular gun shows, you must have heard

Shaina Joarder By Shaina Joarder