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What Does It Mean to Be A Liberal in India ?

To be ‘Liberal,’ to be unprejudiced is to understand and respect others'

Sayli Karanjkar By Sayli Karanjkar

Things Every ‘Only Child’ Can Relate To.

Being an only child is not easy. People have a wrong perception.

Anjali Nair By Anjali Nair

The Modi Dilemma

A year and a half ago, a man, an older adult, a

Santhosh By Santhosh

5 Aftereffects of Travelling by Indian Railways

Train journeys are my personal favorite. They are so much better when

vikas By vikas

Putting Behind The Average Indian In You!

Most of the Indians come from a middle-class background. To put it

Abijith Mednikar By Abijith Mednikar

We Want Equality!!!

Equality means giving equal rights to all. In writing, the definition of

Richa bindal By Richa bindal

Voting in India: Why is it Important

The Voice of Every Individual A country with a population of 1.25

Soham Joshi By Soham Joshi

Rites of Passage Every Teenager Must Go Through.

Teenage can be one of the most exciting yet difficult phases of

Nupur Chowdhury By Nupur Chowdhury

Single Parent Family: The Top 5 Challenges Faced By Them

Are you among the single-parent family taking care of your child alone?

chatali By chatali

5 Reasons Behind ‘Horn OK Please’.

Horn OK Please, the phrase usually seen painted on the back of

Sahul 'N' Shekar By Sahul 'N' Shekar

Short Girls: 12 Amazing Perks of Being Short

Are you one of those short girls? The minimum height of a

sushma rani By sushma rani

Proof Of Small Man Syndrome Found In The US

According to the US Government, the small man syndrome is indeed a

Icy Tales Editorial Board By Icy Tales Editorial Board

7 Unsolved Crazy Murder Cases: These Will Give You The Chills

Criminologists believe a perfect crime to go undetected not because of the

rithika By rithika

The British Caste System and India, 5 Stages You Should Know

This Independence Day, let's talk about something different, like how Britishers' misinterpretation

Saicharan Reddy By Saicharan Reddy