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Signs You’re Falling In Love

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Brunda Rajesh
Brunda Rajesh is an avid blogger and a prolific writer who believes in following her dreams . She works as a freelance content writer, a poetess and weaves a few stories too. Catch her work on her blog space.

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What are the signs you’re falling in love? Emotions and feelings are what you and I are made of but most often we are confronted with our own feelings for another person. In order to know whether it is the right thing or not, you need to analyze those wafting butterflies! Look into whether you are really falling in love. Is your heart ready to endure this fall?

Before you know you’re falling in love, what exactly is it?

Let’s assume that need, want and love is rolled onto a table and it’s your choice to select one. However, you’re unable to figure what is love! You see a person and there is a surge of feelings, but you are not sure if it is your need, mere want or has your heart been dipped in love. The path to finding love is mysterious, it is sometimes like a broken track. People often take a wrong turn on this track and cause a lot of collateral damage.

Love seems to be the most amazing word in the world and it is also the most coveted feeling. Those tiny butterflies wafting, the heart jumping with excitement and there is a blush on your pretty pale cheeks, those days when you are constantly happy! Who doesn’t want to experience that? So what is love actually?

confused feelings

What generally happens is that the unparalleled WANT changes to NEED and finally you end up hurt and empty-handed. Love, my friends is not only about wafting butterflies, wanting or needing somebody, but it is also about caring, sacrificing, compromising. It is about giving your other half-space for their individual thoughts, respect their decisions and make sure you are heard too.

Love is about finding a perfect balance between need and want. However, a pause is required to understand your own heart. So here is a list of pauses that you need to ponder upon! Let’s decide if you are falling in love.

Signs you’re falling in Love

Let me set a scene for you: Imagine that it’s a beautiful evening, the breeze caressing your cheeks and the clouds group up into grey cotton for the shower of rain, to soothe your heart, to make you smile. You are greatly enjoying the rain from indoors and all that you really WANT to do is to go out and drench yourself, inhale that heavenly petrichor because it makes you happy. How is it related to falling in love?

signs you're falling in love quoteWel. love is the same but in completely different magnitude. Hormones start activating instantly when you meet a person right out of your dreams, the perfect one, the one whose humour can keep you smiling all day long. You want them! Initially, it can range from a crush to admiration to infatuation but then, when you begin to want them really bad, that is when love surges. Love, that happy little light thing that can make you float and dream in the broad daylight, you begin imagining happily-ever-after. There you go, you are in love.

Being needy and clingy can be one of the signs you’re falling in love

This happens involuntarily, a post-phase after you have the person you want. You have started to love his/her company, you want them with you wherever you go, day in and day out, both physically and mentally, your sole existence has started to stand on dependency. You cannot live without that person and merely imagining such a thing can make you panic. You start to worry about the secure, loving feeling that might evaporate any time, you start being needy and clingy.

signs you're falling in love

This is the time when you have become NEEDY! You literally need the other person in order to do anything in your life, be it the most mundane things.

Trust me, a needy, clingy relationship is not healthy for both of you and it might make one weak, vulnerable and docile. A relationship should be fair, even and there should be a bit of space for oneself, where you can breathe, be with your thoughts, know that you are fine and go achieve something outside of your relationship.

How do you know?

So now that you are familiar with the want phase, the love phase and the needy phase, let’s confirm one thing, love too has logical bounds.

loveYes, the fluttering heart says otherwise, but if you know deep down in your guts that the person is not perfect but the right one for you. If that person can accept you the way you are, accept you in all your phases and treat you with respect and give you your space and also be a person who can share your problems and not become one. There you are, it’s a sure sign that you’re falling in love and in your PARADISE.

About the author

Brunda Rajesh is an avid blogger and a prolific writer who believes in following her dreams .
She works as a freelance content writer, a poetess and weaves a few stories too.
Catch her work on her blog space.

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