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4 Low-Budget Foreign Destinations To Visit This Year


If you are bitten by the bug called wanderlust but tight on budget, this list can help you plan that vacation you have been waiting for so eagerly. Here’s bringing you destinations across the world which will fix your travel longing without burning a hole in your pocket. These are countries where Indian currency maintains a fit effectiveness.

Costa Rica

In 2016, Costa Rica was recorded amid the happiest most 15 countries in the world. It is a must visit destination for thrill-loving globetrotter. The country holds the power to fascinate any traveler with its unblemished convenience to travel as it takes roughly 3 hours for tourists to travel the entire place and offers many appealing adventure activities like surfing, deep sea diving, canopy touring, etc. Costa Rica is cheapest during November.


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to go to Bali? Especially after watching movies like, Eat Pray Love! Indonesia (the largest Island country in the world) is like heaven on earth for any beach lover as it is the homeland to some beautiful ultramarine beaches, and it has always been one of the most sought after holiday destination for most Indians. The most cost effective time to visit Indonesia is May.


Zimbabwe is rightly often called as the ‘heaven of wildlife’, and amazes the Indian visitors as the value of Indian currency in the country lets you enjoy a luxurious holiday. Visit Zimbabwe and get ready to be spellbound by the beauty of prodigious Victoria Falls (the biggest drape of the waterfall in the world), wildlife sanctuaries and other archeological locations. Plan your holiday in February to get the best deals on air fares.

Sri Lanka


Situated not too far away from India, Sri Lanka offers effortless and economical stay for Indian travelers. The island’s affluent ancestry, distinct wildlife, and breathtaking beauty attract travelers from all over the globe. May and June are considered the cheapest time to book for Indian Tourists.

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