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Luck or Strategy in Online Slots?

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Without question, the most popular casino game in the entire world are slots. There are several good reasons why this is so. First is they are the mechanics of slot games are easy to grasp and second, you really don’t need any special skills to get a win. Essentially, it all hinges on your luck while playing.

However, there are some corners of the gambling word that adhere to the belief that it is not, in fact, all about luck. They believe that some semblance of strategy is needed to come away with win when playing online games like the fantastic Age of the Gods slot game. Now the question is: what kind of strategy can be employed to give you a better chance of winning? While it is undeniable that luck plays a huge part in whether you win or lose in these games, there are some tips that can give you a slight edge.

Read on below as discuss some of these factors and tips for you to consider. And then, we’ll leave it up to you to decide whether it’s luck or strategy that will give you the upper hand in online slots.

1) Slots Payout Percentage

First off, let’s take a look at what the payout percentage a video slot has. Each one has a payout percentage and it indicates how much a slot pays out to the player. For example, a payout percentage of 96% means for every $100 that you wager, you are going to win 96 while the remaining four is the casino’s to own. This percentage is set over a range of many spins — from 800.000 to This means that each time you bet 100 euro, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will win $96.

However, jackpot slots feature a payout percentage that is lower than other slots. That percentage hovers around 91% because 7-8% of your wager is your contribution to the jackpot that gets larger and larger with each player that plays it. This means that while you have lesser chances of winning, the amount that you can win is substantially larger.

This figure is something you need to pay attention to before you start playing a particular online slot.

2) Volatility

Another significant factor that you should turn your attention to when playing an online slot is its volatility. In slots parlance, volatility is defined as the risk factor involved in the online slot and it means the number of times you will win in a range of spins. An online slot that has high volatility means that while you won’t win as frequently, the prizes are considerably higher. In contrast, an online slot that has low volatility means that you will probably win on a consistent basis but just don’t expect the prizes to be high.

And so, if you are capable of being patient, have deep pockets and are keen on winning massive prizes, then you need to keep an eye out for high volatility online slots. However, if you want to just either have fun or something to do to pass the time, then perhaps a low volatility game is more up your alley.

But how would you know what the volatility of a slot is? There are websites that indicate what a game’s volatility is so you would be aware of this before you start putting money in the game.

3) Be Aware What the Rules and Features of an Online Slot Are

There aren’t any strategies for winning on online slots but it is always best that you make yourself aware of all the features that a slot offers with regards to the winning combinations. As with any game, it’s just smart to start playing without knowing the basics of the game. That would probably end up being an immense waste of money on your end.

4) Play the Max on Jackpot Slots

If you want to win the jackpot prize on an online slot that has one, you always need to bet the max or else, the jackpot win combination might not be valid. Can you imagine the anguish of having a winning jackpot combination only to realize that you didn’t qualify because you did not bet the max?

Luck or Strategy in Online Slots? 1

5) Know When It’s Time to Take a Break

If you are on a winning streak that suddenly turns cold, it may be time to get away from that online slot and take a much-needed break before you end up with zero in your balance. But in case you reach this dreaded point, don’t immediately pump money back into your account in a bid to win all the money that you lost back. It’s highly recommended that you learn to recognize a losing cause and return to play another day.

6) Never Believe That an Online Slot is Ready to Win

A lot of gamblers often believe that they are due for a win simply because of the amount of money they have already placed into a game. In land-based casinos, players spend a lot of time and money on just one slot, believing that after putting in so much of their money, the game owes them a win or two. However, that is not the case when it comes to online slots because these games work with a random number generator that gives a prize whenever it is time. Perhaps that could luckily be you or somebody else but the reality is: nobody really knows when this will happen. So it’s better that you do not bet on a prize coming close but rather, just hope that lady luck smiles on you today.

In closing, there isn’t a strategy to raise your chances of winning on an online slot. It’s luck but you can have a lot more fun if you are aware of the things that were discussed above.


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