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Major Educational Changes to Take Place in Uttar Pradesh


Yogi Adityanath, the recently sworn chief minister of Uttar Pradesh is making some major education- related changes in the state. Adityanath government was news for making an announcement that the schools in the state will remain open on the death and birth anniversary of great men. but this is not the only educational change Adityanath has intended to introduce, there are plenty more. Adityanath held a meeting with the education department recently and gave out some regulations which would soon be binding.

Some of the major changes include:

  • The most important changes are the inclusion of compulsory yoga courses (‘Yog Shiksha Kaaryakram’) and self-defense courses for girls (‘Rani Laxmibai Aatmraksha Kaaryakram’)
  • Adityanath emphasized on taking strict actions and filing a FIR in cases of mass copying and against the government teachers offering private coaching.
  • The state government is also coming up with instructions to reduce sky-high fees which private schools and colleges charge.
  • He is also emphasizing on making an invariable syllabus for all the state universities and to confirm the classes take place regularly.
  • The higher education institutes need to cover the openings for teachers and instructors.
  • The resources of the private engineering college which are closed or are about to close must be used by other institutions and should be used productively.

It is very satisfying to see the Chief Minister take some major, much- needed actions which, if implemented correctly and sensibly, would change the face of the entire education system of Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh has mostly been at the end of the stack when it comes to education, the guidelines aren’t strict enough and the authority doesn’t look much into the functioning of the institutions. The state of government schools is not at all, well, educational.

The Changes which are intended to be made are noble, especially the inclusion of compulsory yoga and self-defense for girls (it shows a possibility of school turning into so much more than just classrooms and lectures; and the rate at which crimes against women are increasing, self- defense can come handy.), and the uniformity of syllabus among colleges (more often than not, students with the same degree have not so same knowledge).

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