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Makeup For Guys? Sorry, It’s For Us!


Is there any girl in the world who doesn’t like to do makeup? Okay, maybe a few here and there – but here is the thing:

Who doesn’t love to look good?

Who doesn’t love to get complements?

The answer is- EVERYONE.

Everyone wants to look flawless in front of the mirror.

It’s an art

And Makeup brings this opportunity. The thing is, boys think that girls do makeup for them to impress, to seduce them.

Hey Boys! Yes you guys.. I wanna ask you do you guys know the types of lipsticks? Do you guys know the difference between Matte lipstick and Satin lipstick?

I bet you that most of you can’t answer it.

Do you guys even know how much time it takes when we do winged eyeliner? It takes 4-5mins..how much effort we have to put in it just doing it. You guys don’t have any idea.. and still presume it’s just for you?

It’s a hobby just like playing cricket football or drawing.. Our hobbies give us pleasure, refreshment for sometime.

For boys playing cricket or any sports or any other hobbies give them joy..so why don’t Makeup be a hobby for girls.

Especially when we are in stress, this can be a perfect stress-booster. We watch makeup tutorials and try it.. It’s like an art. We love to experiment with makeup.

Yeah. I know. Most of you guys don’t believe these things, or make fun. But it’s true dude.

‘We love it’ doesn’t imply that we wear makeup all the time. If you guys love to watch porn ,does it mean that you watch it all the time?. Is it?

So this logic is also reliable for us also. We don’t apply lipstick, kajal, eyeliner and other stuffs always.

Don’t you boys want to look flawless?

Don’t you boys conscious about your looks?

Don’t you guys use those spot removing crèmes,brightness crème?


All of this is for us girls?

To impress us?

To divert us?

Now perhaps you guys say,”why do we all this for you?”

Then why you are living in this wrong conception that we do it for you. If you guys would be self conscious then why don’t we be? Is there any iniquity to be self conscious, want to be perfect? Isn’t it?

So don’t judge us by telling that we do all this things just for impressing you…it’s a creativity which make us to find the new us,more satisfied,more confident about ourselves and more jolly…

So Girls do makeup, experiment with it, do creative stuffs..

Be more confident and the last thing I wanna again tell you boys – We do makeup for us, because it makes us feel better!


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