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Man’s World – A Review

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Gender equality

“The state in which access to rights or opportunities is unaffected by gender.”

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Read the above definition? Comprehended? Good! Make sure that it’s engraved in your head.

Only one series can deliver the meaning of gender equality out to the general audience. Presenting to you Yfilms’ Man’s World; a show like never before. By far, this video is the best thing that has happened on YouTube. The four-episode series has Gaurav Pandey on the lead playing a frustrated middle-class young man who claims that the world is completely unfair. He happens to be one of the cognoscenti who lives under the impression that women get away with almost anything and everything in this current world.

One night after one too many drinks, he goes through the usual whining and ranting regime and finally ends his day by wishing for the world to flip. (Now that’s why one must cut their unconditional relationship with alcohol.) The following morning he wakes up to a whole new world. Yes, the tables have turned. Things are going to be different from here on. The rest is for you to watch!

The show also features other bigshots from the B-Town; for instance, we have Ayushmann Khurrana, Kalki Koechlin and Parineeti Chopra.


The beautiful aspect of this series of 4 episodes is they managed to deliver the theme so clearly. Hats off to the directing and creative team; truly impressed. They managed to touch all the important dents that the current society is facing. Be it the gender issue or the way the current lot have taken the word “feminism” and practically butchered the word and slung it over a machete and threw it all the way from Mt. Alps. This goes for everyone out there, not just the males. This goes for every single person in the population who has got the meaning all wrong! Feminism is not about us female lot being dominant over the male lot. It’s all about equality! That’s all!

If a cookie is to be split between two people, one makes sure that it is almost cut equally.

That’s the same with power, too. Equality is what feminism is about. It’s due to such misinterpretations of this one word, and we have so many unresolved issues going on with our fellow mates.

The physical pain all women face, Period. Yes, you read that right. The menstrual cycle is a natural process, and it is like the uninvited guest to a party who makes a mess of the place while they have a bloody good time. Every woman goes through this, and yes, it’s a lot of pain that one goes through! It’s not just the torso that hurts, and it’s literally everything. And then we have guys who have opinions on how all the woman use this one excuse, PMS, to their advantage all the time…. Honey, I have two things for you; it’s a monthly process; please put the brain to good use. Secondly, love, no uterus, then no opinion!

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Marital rape, Ha! Just because you marry that one woman your parents asked you to, it doesn’t mean that you start having sex with her right away without her consent. Be it your lover, be it your girlfriend or be it your wife, a no is a no. And when it goes beyond that, it is rape. Irrespective of the degree of the relationship shared with the lady. Rape is rape. And a rapist is a rapist. Being a husband doesn’t give him the authority to have command over his wife.

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They have also made sure that people are aware of this series’s reason—global Sustainable Development. Global Sustainable Development’s fifth goal is to “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”.  All four episodes focus on this as they highlight the flaws in society. This is not a change that can happen overnight. This is more like a war that has been happening for years now. And society will not function in harmony until this is achieved. And with that, I conclude my article! Here’s a glimpse of the series!





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