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Massive iPhone 8 leaks: Coolest Features You Didn’t Know About


The iPhone 7 was a relative disappointment with its three-year-old design and huge bezels. Apple, of course, decided not to introduce some mind-boggling new features in the iPhone 7 because they wanted the 10th edition of the smartphone to be the best yet. Here it is, Apple brings iPhone 8, the 10th-anniversary model. Let’s have a look at the phone first.

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Looks and Design:

This device looks stunning, to be honest in my opinion. As well as a bunch of weeks, a lot of features, actual release date, price points and so much more we are going to talk about.

First talking about the back of the iPhone 8. It has a lot of impressive features that make it look amazing.

  • It has polished chrome bezel which is stainless steel around the device.
  • It is a metal-glass model which protects the from any natural harm(but not from a sharp blow of hammer)

On that particular note, the molds are usually jumping through two layers of indirection. These are used to create the dummy models, not the actual ones.  Here are some molds comparison between iPhone 7s, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. Basically confirming that these devices are still happening, I mean nobody said that they weren’t but this shows then alongside iPhone 8.

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If you look into those then you can easily figure out that iPhone 8 is marginally taller and a bit wider than iPhone 7. So, it’s a happy medium between the regular size and the plus size models. Basically, you can reach all over the display without any difficulty.


  • Interesting detail about the camera, there’s no slope to edges of the camera. It’s just a sudden cut out which is a very interesting design choice.
  • But, for the glass back that probably is going to work better because it’s hard to slope glass like that and have it to be durable.
  • Some just leaked things about the camera is that lens is going to be bigger. It’s probably for the AR-VR capability for the headset.
  • Undoubtedly Apple is going to create the most powerful and most capable camera ever of course.


Source: YouTube

Maybe this kind of camera would be capable of some coolest features like:

  • 4K recording
  • with 60 frames per second.
  • Better night mode.

And much more…..

The power button and other details:

As you can see from the latest new photos. The orientation is pretty familiar with the buttons.

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube


Back Covers & cases:

Back cover and cases were leaked the other week by third parties. It seems like they are also pretty familiar with the molds. Let’s have a look into those and see how this is going to be stacked up in size compared to the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s+. Like I said it’s a happy medium between them.

Source: YouTube


Source: YouTube

Kind of sort of the middle size-wise. So it is a little bit wider than a standard iPhone size by 3-4 mm but still very comfortable to hold. No doubt it is going to be a very user-friendly phone despite the fact that it is not going to have many bezels.


From the leaks of schematics of iPhone 8, they show the depth of the actual measurements of iPhone. As we can locate the camera cutout and the width as per measurement is 4 mm wider than iPhone 7s.

Source: YouTube

It is based on all of the leaked CAD files, all the measurements and in the best way possible what Apple’s design is going to look like. It looks sleek, clean, and it does the job, it follows Apple’s design principles.

Top portion and Sensors:

What Apple’s going to do about the much awaited top portion. At one point people thought that there will be nothing new then some people thought that there will be cutouts for the earpiece but in the recent most news it’s has been exposed that Apple is going to have a little cutout around all the sensors.

Source: Instagram
Source: YouTube

From the latest photos, some the information we can get like:

  • It has iris scanner.
  • With a more powerful 3D camera.
  • OLED display


Every single year it seems that the Chinese manufacturers of clones get their own idea and they want to beat Apple to the punch of releasing the iPhone 8 even before Apple does. So this is what clones look like.

Source: YouTube


The first thing to notice that the fingerprint sensor is on the back underneath the logo and it looks pretty awkward. It’s probably more comfortable to use a Samsung Galaxy S8 if this was what the real thing is going to be but from the most recent news, it is confirmed that iPhone 8 is not going to look like these. Still, it looked like an eyesore sitting there in the back.

Price assumption:

There are some precise prices which have been leaked. But the most recent news reveals the reason behind the price hike above 1000 dollars is because of its issue with the OLED panel and 3D touch display.

This is a serious problem because:

  • OLED is a very fragile technology. In LCD you can press on it and it is a little bit more resilient to forces but Organic LED displays are more fragile.
  • So, there would be some process that must be put into the place in order to protect and reinforce the Organic LED display which includes a layer of glass below and above this panel. Because of this, it is going to raise the price 2.5 times more than a standard display.
Source: YouTube

Because of this little change right here implementing 3D touch with an organic LED display the price will be higher. But Apple doesn’t want to skip that they would rather raise the price of the iPhone then not include 3D touch on the new iPhone.

The exact price of iPhone was estimated by a UBS analyst. According to him, it will start at 870 dollars for 128 gigabytes and it can jump into the thousand dollar territory with 1070 dollars for 256 gigabytes of storage.

Source: YouTube

But everybody in Mac said that the price will definitely start from 1000 dollars. But no matter it’s good to think positive once in a while.

Release Date:

Now, the exact date for the iPhone 8 keynotes has been provided September 17th which is going to be the announcement date and then September 25th will be the street release.

On that note, according to the recent most news, it has been revealed that Apple core advisors and leaders have received an email from Apple saying that there will be an Apple core Black-out to date starting from September 17th and be going off into November.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram


This is probably related to the actual release date of iPhone 8. But we will have to see the closer we get so usually we do get the exact date.

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