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A King with 100 Wives


If you thought Kings with 100 wives were stories that you only heard in fairytales then think again. They exist even today. Abumbi II, who is the 11th fon, or the king of Bafut in Cameroon has nearly 100 wives. Well, he did not marry 100 women but many were passed onto him. According to the local tradition, whenever a fon or king dies the wives are passed on to the next king and the kings also marry their own queens. This king with 100 wives has a tale to tell.

The Queens have important roles to play in the kingdom and they often shape the king to suit his kingly role. According to the king’s third wife, Queen Constance, every successful man needs to have a staunch woman behind him. Even though polygamy is considered to be a sin in the West and often looked down upon, the local people believe in their traditions and they have been practicing it since the colonial age when Cameroon came into governance. The king also has inherited 500 children along with 72 wives.


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