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Millionaire Accused of Raping Teen Gives Insolent Testimony


We have witnessed bountiful accounts of how artistically men, who are financially and politically powerful, wriggle their way out of criminal cases. Most don’t even get identified in such cases. Those who do, build enough alibis, make suitable alterations and hire lawyers who have a knack for finding loopholes in the legal system, letting them walk out as free birds in no time.

A ‘promising’ case in similar light seems to be that of the Millionaire, Ehsan Abdulaziz, a property developer based in the United Kingdom. In August last year, the man allegedly raped an 18-year-old in her sleep on the couch of his residence.

The two met at the Cirque le Soir, a nightclub in UK’s capital city, London, where Abdulaziz’s long-term female friend accompanied the teenage girl. They went to his residence, where he engaged in sexual intercourse with his friend. Meanwhile, the victim slept on the living room couch, only to wake up to find the accused forcing himself upon her. She tried to wake her friend up but to no avail. Finally, somehow managing to call the Police, she got out of there.

Upon getting arrested, Abdulaziz said nothing except challenging the victim to “prove it,” saying that it was the victim who had put his hand between her legs. However, when the DNA reports pointed to traces of semen, he elucidated that his penis was still erect after having sex with his friend, and there was semen on his hands.

In a more recent interrogation, the accused made further additions to his statement and was quoted saying, “I fell and penetrated her by accident.” (SERIOUSLY!!-_- )

The said communiqué is nothing short of being contemptuous.


We are well aware of the political hegemony that underlies cases like these. Closer home, and the condition is no different. In some scenarios, I am afraid to say, and it’s even worse. The recent dismissal of charges laid on Salman Khan is a fitting example of this, proving how easy it is for such people to even ‘kill’ and be unaffected by it.

Similarly, the death of Jagendra Singh, a freelance journalist who was burnt to death for knowing the role of an influential politician in a certain case of rape, further solidifies such a hypothesis.

However, one cannot deny the other side that the picture presents. Sadly, some people would sink to any depth to guzzle fame (for some reason!) and monetary benefits from such associations with the Rich.

Nevertheless, it is hard to believe that this could be the case in the said manifestation of events where the accused continually adds to his testimony and refashions it to discover each new fact.

As the trial progresses, the world would surely be keen to have its eyes on what more comes out of the inquisition of both the parties and in whose favor the verdict cascades, whether it is justice that prevails or the might of privileged social position.


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