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Milwaukee Brewery Tours – 13 Best Places

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Beer is something that can refresh you, uplift your mood, and its health benefits and amazing taste with a huge variety of flavors and brewing methods is just a bonus. In this article, you’ll see some of the best Milwaukee Breweries to list on your Milwaukee Brewery Tours.

In the year 1912, something happened that changed the past and present of Milwaukee. The Joseph Schlitz Brewing company found an excellent solution to protect beer from scorching and damaging sun rays by inventing brown-colored beer bottles made of glass.

And because of it, mass distribution of beer was easily possible now. Matching the pace of the industrial revolution, soon Milwaukee became one of the biggest beer-producers in the world.

No need to get stunned with so many breweries around for the same reason!

Here Are Some of the Best Milwaukee Brewery Tours

1. City Lights Brewing, Co.

City Lights Brewing

City Lights Brewing Co. is one of the best Milwaukee Brewery Tours. It is one of the famous breweries in the Menomonee Valley.

It’s a small yet equally amazing Brewery, ideal on Milwaukee Brewery Tours. There’s no such go-to time, but the afternoon would certainly be better.

What is the joy in beer if there is no food? There are a lot of restaurants nearby; although most of the visitors flock to Coconut Porter. You can also have some Fish Tacos from the City Lights Brewing, Co’s tied restaurant.

2. Sprecher Brewing Co, Inc.

Sprecher Brewing Co.

Sprecher Brewing Co, Inc. is one of the best breweries when it comes to Milwaukee Brewery Tours.

Sprecher Brewing Co. is an authentic Bavarian place and a perfect destination if you want to have a date or want to take your other half on some drinks and quality time.

You will enjoy the beer garden and live music, it’s just so vibrant to be here.

What makes Sprecher Brewing Co, Inc unique from others is that, if you have small kids and are concerned about them while you are on the Milwaukee Brewery Tours, just drop your worries in the backseat! Because they allow kids in their Brewery Tours and also provide four beer samples which are included in the tour.

3. Miller, The Brewery

Miller, The Brewery

Miller The Brewery is one of the best destinations for Milwaukee Brewery Tours and it is a western section of Miller Valley of Milwaukee.

The proper Milwaukee Brewery Tours for Miller will take you to the brewery’s more than one and a half-century-old past. The structure of Miller, The Brewery is indeed so old that some people even claim to have seen Frederick Miller’s ghost.


4. Eagle Park Brewing

Eagle Park Brewing

Eagle Park Brewing is one of the best breweries for Milwaukee Brewery Tours. It was found by two brothers, passionate about music and beer.

The Eagle Park Brewing made its way through their garage in the initial days and presently is a leading brewery of the Lower East.

Milwaukee Brewery Tours in the Eagle Park Brewing is pretty good and helpful, and the natives of Milwaukee are absolutely in love with the Eagle Park Brewing’s burgers served with their signature vegan strawberry milkshake.


5. Great Lakes Distillery

Great Lakes Distillery

Great Lakes Distillery is another of the attractive breweries to visit while you are on a Milwaukee Brewery Tours.

Great Lakes Distillery is situated in the surroundings of Walker’s Point and you’ll get a variety of organic stuff in this brewery.

Some of the crowd special drinks are still & oak bourbon hot toddy and hot cocoa with cherry covered in chocolate. Sounds so delicious!


6. Lakefront Brewery

Lakefront Brewery

With a huge variety of beers including hops and ales, Lakefront Brewery is another good spot for your Milwaukee Brewery Tours.

The Lakefront Brewery is running since the late 1980s in the vicinity of Wisconsin.

Their Tours are usually 45 minutes long and it’s such a fun experience because all through your tour you’ll get jokes to laugh at and sample beers to feel the magical drinks.

One of the best things about the Lakefront Brewery is, that you can take a virtual tour on their site before having an actual Tour if you aren’t sure.


7. Milwaukee Ale House

Milwaukee Ale House

Milwaukee Ale House is a really nice place for including in the Milwaukee Brewery Tours.

Milwaukee Ale House has more than a dozen domestic and offers private brews as well.

Milwaukee Ale House is well known for its value for money among the Milwaukee people. They offer you everything at really affordable prices.

The Milwaukee Brewery Tours of the Milwaukee Ale House goes for more than an hour where you get a pint glass absolutely free, open taps throughout the tour, and a token for a pint at any pub in the locality. Like how cool is that!


8. Captain Pabst Pilot House

Captain Pabst Pilot House

Captain Pabst Pilot House is again, one of the fine “shots” for your ongoing Milwaukee Brewery Tours.

If you are a fan of ale and spirit, you have to try them out. Captain Pabst Pilot House is nothing but just the extended family of the Pabst Brewery (which is huge and produces a lot of beer).

Don’t even worry about the availability and chances of you doing Brewery Tours at this specific place because this place offers Milwaukee brewery tours every single day, almost for half an hour which is pretty nice!

But availability is not the only reason why you should visit them, low prices and the famous and tasty savory fish fry are just as important and you shouldn’t miss them if you visit the Captain Pabst Pilot House any day.


9. Urban Harvest Brewing Company

Urban Harvest Brewing Company

Urban Harvest Brewing Company is just a few steps away from the Cermak Fresh Market of Harbor View’s and is a totally worthwhile Brewery to add to your Milwaukee Brewery Tours schedule.

This is the kind of Brewery that everyone will stop and visit if they’re walking past it.

Their tour is fun to attend, sipping on the delicious and flavorful beers, standing under the same brewery where it was made, and knowing its rich past.


10. Black Husky Brewing

Black Husky Brewing

Black Husky Brewing is one of the breweries of Milwaukee Brewery Tours and it is a pretty artistic and aesthetic place located in the neighborhood of Riverwest.

Here in the Black Husky Brewing, you’ll be able to hop into their Milwaukee Brewery Tours every day at 2 PM.

Black Husky Brewing is dog-friendly, which means you can bring your beloved pet here and enjoy your tour. Although they don’t offer any food or snacks you have to try their honey wheat beer out, it’s just so amazing!


11. MobCraft Beer Brewery and Taproom

MobCraft Beer Brewery and Taproom

MobCraft Beer Brewery and Taproom is a must go on your Milwaukee Brewery Tours, if you are looking for some nice and private space.

It is a tiny place (as compared to other breweries) and is not at all less than any huge Brewing company.

Their taste, flavors, and quality are so good that you won’t be able to believe it’s a small house production. They also have their restaurant just attached to the brewery where you can play different games. It also has a courtyard where you can keep your dogs.

This is a great place to go if you’re looking for something different.

12. Third Space Brewing

Third Space Brewing

Third Space Brewing is a small-sized and simple space, found by the natives of Milwaukee, situated in the Menominee valley.

It’s a really great place for including in your Milwaukee Brewery Tours. You can also choose your tour from their microbrew which is hosted every Saturday, 2 PM.

In their Brewery Tours, you get two free of cost fill-ups with a trademark Brewing pint, that too in a pocket-friendly price.


13. Good City Brewing

Good City Brewing

Good City Brewing has two branches, of which the one situated at the North Farwell Avenue provides you with fun Milwaukee Brewery Tours, which also gives you a rich experience of social interaction.

I know it’s hard being an introvert! Don’t worry though, you can enjoy your beer with live music in their hall and can also hang out with your friends on the rooftop to avoid the crowds.

Their appetizers surely work for the stomach, if not for the tongue! And if paired with pale ale, the combo is beyond anything you have had! You can surely think of adding it into your Milwaukee Brewery Tours.


Milwaukee Brewery Tours

So this was our list of the 13 best Milwaukee breweries to enhance your experience of Milwaukee Brewery Tours. 

It’s the all-in-one experience with a budget that won’t hurt your pocket. You get to know the interesting history of these breweries while sipping onto your complimentary drinks (mostly multiple!), along with the outstanding, sumptuous food.

After all, what else do you need to be happy?

Close your eyes, feel the outburst of flavors in your mouth with every bite of delicious food, and every sip of your beer.

Raise your glass high and say cheers!

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