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6 Amazing ways Mind Conversations can change your Life

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Did it ever happen to you that you plan to call a person and that person calls you themself like they somehow knew you wanted to talk to them, or sometimes you wish to eat Ice cream and your Mom brings the same for you !!! Ever wondered how did he/she get to know what you were thinking about?

Yes! You guessed it right. Such things are through mind communications which are usually known as telepathy. Telepathy basically is the communication between two minds, separated over a distance, without using the five senses. The word “Telepathy” has been derived from the words “Tele,” meaning “Distance,” and “Pathy,” meaning “Feeling.” The origin of the concept of telepathy is traced way back to the late 19th century.

Telepathy is broadly categorized into two sections,

1) Telepathic communication:- It the ability to transmit information from one mind to another. For e.g.:-When you wish to call a person, and the same person calls you at the same time. In this case, You have the telepathic power to make the other person do what you want by using the power of your mind.

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2) Telepathic Perception:- It is the ability to receive information from another mind. It is the exact opposite of telepathic communication, e.g.:- When you wish to eat Ice cream, but your mom brings the same. In this case, your mom has the telepathic perception to understand and receive the information through telepathy.

A person needs to be an expert to indulge and master such mind conversations. Few things to keep in mind to become a master in telepathy includes:-

1) Belief:-

One really needs to believe in telepathy. Both the receiver and sender should believe in it. You must believe and leave the doors of your mind open. Before believing, one should desire that to happen. So that the mind communication can start.

2) Physical relaxation:-

A person should be in good health to receive and transfer information through the mind. When a person is physically relaxed, he is active and doesn’t feel fatigued to work and perform tasks. One should avoid working or practicing telepathy when not in a good physical condition.

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3) Mental relaxation:-

Like physical relaxation, one should be mentally active and try concentrating on one thing rather than having a bundle of unwanted thoughts. Focusing on thoughts and the mind is the most important aspect of telepathic conversations.

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4) Visualisation:-

Visualization is imagining things. E.g.:- If you want the receiver to know that you need a bar of chocolate, imagine the same. One should do this before the telepathic conversation starts. Imagine that he received the data you wanted to send. Visualizing is essential in telepathy.

5) Keep it short:-

One should keep the conversations short in the beginning as loads of energy are required for telepathy. Gradually after practice, one can increase the time limit of mind conversations.

6) Have Patience:-

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Last but not least, you really need to be patient while practicing mind conversations. Remember the quote, “Practice makes a man perfect .” It would be best if you practiced really hard to read the mind.

Learning and practicing telepathy is an incredible journey. It is not an easy one, though, but once you are through it, it becomes a lovely and fun activity.


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