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Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Handling Sex Toys

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Sex toys come in different shapes, sizes, designs, and different purposes. You can use the best dildos in pretty different ways that you can think of as long as it gives you pleasure. Sex toys come in different materials and textures. Each sex toy has different ways of maintenance, its pros, and cons, and of course, they are meant to fulfill different purposes.

Materials like silicone, latex, rubber, plastic, glass, metal, and many others, look, feel, and serve different purposes. Depending on your budget likes and dislikes, you can find the perfect sex toy for yourself. However, there are many mistakes made maybe, due to ignorance or failures to read and follow instructions on how to use sex toys. Whether you are using them or planning to start using them, these are the mistakes you should avoid.

Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Handling Sex Toys 1
  1. You Don’t Do Enough Research¬†

Before you begin using any sex toy, it is essential for your research. Research will help you know what exactly to look for when you start going shopping. It is vital to remember this tip because the sex industry isn’t yet well-regulated, and it means that not all products out in the market are safe to use. Sex toys made of; Silicone, metal, glass, and plastic have continuously been recommended to be reliable but research more on plastics before making your final decision.

  1. You Fail to Consider the Material

First thing, understand the material that makes your favorite sex toy. It is essential because, when sharing sex toys with your significant other, some sex toys carry along, bacteria, STDs, and other harmful infections. To avoid the transfer of these infections, ensure you know the material of your sex toy, its pros and cons, and, most importantly, how to clean them properly. Sex toys made of rubber, jelly toys, latex, PVC, and any other material containing phthalates are unsafe. And to be always on the safe side, always research and sometimes ask experts.

  1. You Don’t Clean Dildos Properly

Remember that your safety is the priority; thus, the first thing to do before you begin using your sex toys is to know how to clean them properly. Always wash your sex toys before and after using them. You can use soap, yes you heard me right, soap and warm water and if your sex toy isn’t motorized, you can boil it. After having sex, one tends to be tired and lazy to start cleaning sex toys, but for your hygiene’s sake, ensure you at least wipe them with unscented baby wipes and cleanser. On that same note, inquire from your sex toy plug the best brand products to use.¬†

  1. You Don’t Use the Right Lubricant

Whether you are having sex with your significant other or you’re alone enjoying the moment of your life, using a lubricant is essential. You don’t want to start feeling pain in the middle of exciting and mind-blowing moments. Using a water-based lube whenever you are using your sex toys is convenient and compatible with almost all sex toys regardless of their material.

Alternatively, you can consider using silicon-based lube, especially when using a sex toy made from latex material. Not to forget, never use oil-based lubes with latex products and, similarly, never use silicone-based lubes with sex toys made from silicone – they slowly break the rubber with time.

  1. Your Focus is on the Orgasms

Most people focus on the orgasm so much that they forget the fun part of exploring their sex toys. You can use your sex toy to enjoy your moments and have a good feeling rather than focus on the main goal- reaching the climax. Sex toys are there to make your sex life exciting, thrilling, and, most importantly, enjoyable. There’s a pleasure during sex that requires you to relax, be at ease and flow with the moment. Having to pressure yourself with a goal in mind will interfere with your stimulation hormones. Explore different sex toys with different functions, but always remember not to let your imagination get you in trouble.

  1. You Buy Expensive Sex Toys Thinking They Are the Best

Buying expensive sex toys doesn’t qualify them as being safe and the best quality to use. Most people tend to assume this and end up spending a lot of money on sex toys they might not use or even enjoy using. The best alternative is to research for a safe sex toy that is within your budget.


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