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Moments Which Can Make or Break a Relationship

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The first few weeks of every relationship is all rainbows and unicorns. It doesn’t last that way forever, and one notices things about their partner they either love or loathe. Few moments have the power to change everything. 

Here’s a list of moments in every relationship which have the power to make or break things. 

  • That time when one of them does something stupid: No one is perfect and once in a while, people are bound to do things that embarrass them. And for that to happen in front of the one, they have just started liking a lot is a disaster. The reaction to that can make one fall for their partner even more or just make things super awkward.
  • That moment after the first kiss: The first kiss is extremely important in each and every relationship. Every detail matters and has the capability to decide if things should last or not.

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  • That time when one of them falls sick: One sees their partner at their weakest- no makeup, no pretense. Also, the way the one treats their sick partner is an extremely small yet important detail. 


  • That time when they sleep together: Sex is easy. Sleeping with someone is not. Does the person snore? Take up all of the bed? Talk while sleeping? Kick and punch the one sleeping next to them?

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  • That time when one meets their partner’s friends: A person’s behavior depends on who they are with. One is in trouble if the partner appears like a completely different person when with their friends.


  • That moment one comes across their partner’s ex’s text: The way one reacts to this situation says a lot about them. 
  • That moment when both get mad: The first fight and how they deal with it is an important moment in every relationship. It can make one fall in love even more or can make them not willing to see each other’s face ever again.

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  • That moment when they make a big decision: Willingness of both to meet each other halfway is extremely important. Small decisions like eating out too can be stressful, imagine the stress which needs to be dealt with while big decision making.


  • That moment when one needs the other to listen: People love to talk about themselves. When it comes to listening, most fail. They listen to only half of what is being said and give their own opinion which is unnecessary. One needs to listen to their partner to make things work.


  • That time when one of them succeeds or fails in life:
    When one succeeds or fails in life, they expect their partner to react the way they want. Anything different can be perceived negatively and result in them losing faith in their partner.



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