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Monday Night Football Matchup Previews from Week 11 Onward

By buffalowdown.com

The “I hate Mondays” crowd seems to go away throughout the NFL regular season as there always seems to be an interesting and intriguing game on the slate for it. It can make you a lot of money to get ready as there are a lot of ways to go here. Let’s dive into each matchup for Monday Night Football and figure out how each game is going to end up. 

Week 11: New York Giants vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the better team and Tom Brady has not lost three consecutive games since 2002. The Giants are likely going to miss captain Logan Ryan due to COVID-19 and are dealing with a bunch of injuries. Tampa Bay is a top contender in the NFL for the Super Bowl and they should be able to right the ship in this game.

Week 12: Seattle Seahawks vs Washington Football Team

The Seattle Seahawks have been dealing with injuries as Russell Wilson is trying to recover but running back Chris Carson will miss the remainder of the season. The Washington Football Team is potentially beginning to turn the corner with their offense and the defense showed some signs of life, even without stud Chase Young. Go with the Washington Football Team at home.

Week 13: New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills 

By buffalowdown.com

This AFC East matchup is something that could have a lot of implications for the playoffs. The Patriots are playing extremely well away from Foxborough this season while the Bills are not that different. Bill Belichick should take away Stefon Diggs in this matchup, as he famously does to the top offensive weapon going against him. Go with the Patriots to win. 

Week 14: Los Angeles Rams vs Arizona Cardinals

These two teams have already faced off in Week 4 and the Cardinals won on the road 4-0 and these teams are both competing for the playoffs and potentially the top seed in the NFC. Kyler Murray dealt with some injuries that forced him to miss games throughout the season but the Cardinals are the better team. Matt Stafford has started to falter a bit after starting off on a MVP level. Go with the Arizona Cardinals to win. 

Week 15: Minnesota Vikings vs Chicago Bears

The Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears are meeting up for the first time this season on Monday Night Football. Minnesota has been playing well and are a few plays away from competing for the division crown. Justin Fields is continuing to improve throughout his rookie year and should be able to pick up a home win in prime time. 

Week 16: Miami Dolphins vs New Orleans Saints

By whodatdish.com

The Miami Dolphins are having a bit of a concern with their quarterback situation with Jacoby Brissett and Tua Tagovailoa. The Saints are trying to prove they can win without Jameis Winston and capture one of the NFC Wild Card spots or even compete for the division. Go with the Saints to win a game that could be the difference in their playoff hopes. 

Week 17: Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers

The AFC North matchup is going to end the Monday Night Football slate for the season. The Steelers won the first matchup on the road 15-10 and have been playing decently well. All in all, go with the Pittsburgh Steelers to win as Baker Mayfield might sit this game out if there is nothing to play for at this point.  


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