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5 Most Charismatic Villains that Bollywood Produced


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Villain is obviously a negative word but Bollywood has restructured it to bring out the most charismatic and appealing villains. Since ages now, films have necessarily had villains with great personalities and dialogues. Bollywood villains are what fables are made up of.

Bollywood Villains: Playing it Real Bad

Such personifications of villains have been loved by every generation and unknowingly, people have begun to love them. We still reminisce those fierce looks, strong dialogues and that bad persona audience loved. Adding a bit of humor to their roles made them memorable.

Children were scared by their names and their voices made you shiver till the spine. But still, you have loved, praised and accepted these villains more famous than the hero at times. Here is a list of the best villains Bollywood has produced.

1) Gabbar Singh

This role was depicted by the legend Mr. Amjad Khan who made Gabbar eternal. His strong, deep voice was the perfect choice for this role. His depiction of Gabbar was so charismatic that Sholay is still remembered by his name. His famous dialogue “ Kitne Aadmi te” is still the most favorite of all times. The voice of a whale on his entry was just an add on to develop the fear of Gabbar Singh. The fear was to the level where mothers told their children to sleep or else Gabbar would arrive. Bollywood villains and their tales!

2) Mogambo

Mr. Amrish Puri is still applauded for this role of his in Mr. India. Depicting an over confident bad man persona, his role added to the success of the film. The fierce look of his eyes and that laughter that shook everyone is still fresh. His famous dialogue “Mogambo Khush Hua” is often used by people to express the pride of being the ultimate master.

3) Kaancha Cheena

Danny was the most handsome villains the industry ever saw. A very efficient actor, he nailed the role of Kaancha Cheena in Agneepath. The gruesome and cruel yet intelligent portrayal of the villain was par excellence. It was not only praised by the critics but even the audience loved it and even do today. He personified the role as a real villain with an eye catching persona.

4) Shakaal

Who doesn’t remember this man with a bald look and vengeance that was unbelievable ? His urge to create destruction and chaos was a part of his portrayal of this villain in the film Shaan. Even today, people remember him as the finest and edgy villain with an astounding personality.

5) Crime Master Gogo

This role made Shakti Kapoor an iconic villain with the different depiction. Portrayed in the film Andaaz Apna Apna, his role is widely loved not just for the fear but humor. It is a role remembered as adorable and not just cruel or fierce. Shakti Kapoor managed to give a statement with his flawless performance. Even today, memes for this role are much loved and will continue to be a favorite.

These Bollywood villains are more than just characters. They are an integral part of the most successful films. They are the roles that people loved and still do for their characterization.


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