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Top 10 Most Dangerous Forests In The World

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Whenever we think of going on a walkabout, a place to explore ourselves, or just to take a break from the hustle and bustle of our busy city lives, there are but a few places that come to mind. A trek to a hill or a small mountain, a relaxing trip to the beach, or an exotic experience through the wilderness of Forests.

Forests are the abode of unique tree species, birds, reptiles, deer, and other wild animals. But they are also a hotbed for wildlife, including both wild animals and wild trees, which will kill the invaders in their territories in a matter of seconds.

Also, there are many forests around the world, which are the breeding grounds of terrorist groups, militants, anti-government guerrillas, dacoits.

A Well-curated List of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Forest in the World:

  1. Gadchiroli Forest (India)

    Located in the Indian state of Maharashtra, this forest has an enormous variety of wild trees and wildlife. Still, it is considered the most dangerous forest in the world because of being the breeding ground and refuge for Maoists or Naxalites, as they are called. These people are separatists that have hijacked many forests in and around the Gadchiroli town area, spreading hundreds of kilometers and covering many states.

    Naxalites are in conflict with the Indian army. Gunfire and death between them and the Indian army regularly ensue and also, the killing of the village dwellers. They have converted the forest to a battle frontier for themselves. Tourism here is mostly non-existent.

    most dangerous forest in the world
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  2. Amazon Rainforest (South America)

    Covering multiple countries in South America, but dominantly lying in Brazil, the Amazon Rainforest is very well known as the largest, densest, and in terms of the species yet to be found, the least discovered forest in the world. Covering an area of more than 7,000,000 sq kilometers, the Amazon Rainforest deserves a place in the most dangerous forest in the world due to the sheer fact that most of the forest is still undiscovered and hides many mysteries within it.

    Many forest enthusiasts go in yearly to discover the secrets of the forest, and some come back, the majority of them never do! The threat to ordinary humans is from the tribals who have lived in the forest for over 11000 years, poisonous tree frogs, snakes, insects if that wasn’t enough, some trees show severe drug properties.

    most dangerous forest in the world
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  3. Aokigahara Forest (Japan)

    Also known as the “Suicide Forest” and the “Ghost Forest,” Aokigahara is very well known around the world for being the second most frequent suicide location. It is widely described in Japanese mythology and texts, and also mentioned in modern Japanese culture. The forest is considered to be the abode of ghosts, and there are many instances of hauntings that have been reported from the forest.

    most dangerous forest in the world
    Image is taken from captaintarekdreams.blogspot.com

    People say they get a very depressing vibe, and many tend to get lost in the forest, many individuals end up hanging from a tree branch.

  4. Hoia – Baciu Forest (Romania)

    Also referred to as the “Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania,” the Hoia Forest in Romania has a reputation of being a haunted forest, being a hotspot for paranormal and abnormal activities. The locals have narrated many ghost stories and legends that end back to the activities in the forest.

    most dangerous forest in the world
    Image is taken from notwhatitseems.wikidot.com

    There were even reports that a military-man captured photos of what appeared to be a UFO hovering over the forest. Hoia Forest is a perfect location for shooting a spine chilling horror movie if you ask us. Go, google its pictures and see for yourself!

  5. Dering Woods (England)

    Widely and notoriously known as the most haunted and creepy forest in the UK, it is located to the neighboring village of Pluckley in Kent. It also holds notoriety as the most haunted village in the UK. Dering Woods can be in the list of the most dangerous forest in the world due to the paranormal activities that the locals claim, take place here. The Woods is also called the “Screaming Woods” due to the extraordinary voices heard amid the forest.

    most dangerous forest in the world
    Image is taken from wowuniknya.net

    There have been reports and sighting of almost 14 different ghosts, among which are the most famous hauntings of the Red Lady who died in the 12th century, a ghost monk, a phantom highwayman, and a gypsy woman.

    Many adventurists and ghost hunters venture in the forest to get adrenaline high, but most are found dead, it can also be the case due to high amounts of crime that happens in the forest. What kind of ghost wants your wallet anyway?




    Read more about the most dangerous forest in the world here: click here!

  6. Sambisa Forest (Nigeria)

    There was a time when the forest was just home to the tribal locals, the flora and the fauna that consisted of rare birds and some mammals. Now, the forest is occupied by the terrorist Boko Haram group that conducts militancy, kidnappings, and widespread killings. The Nigerian army has conflicted with them ever since 2014, and they have rescued many kidnapped women and children from the activities of the terrorists.

    most dangerous forest in the world
    Image is taken from pressenza.com

    However, there is still a long way to go before the forest becomes safe for the village inhabitants and wild animals. In this forest, which comes under the category of most dangerous forest in the world, tourism is out of bounds.

    Interesting Facts About Forests You Should Know
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  7. Daintree Rainforest (Australia)

    This is one of the most popular tourist spots in Australia for both Australians and tourists across the globe, which deserves an honorable mention as the most dangerous forest in the world. This forest is considered an adventure spot due to its rough and irregular landscape that consists of dense tree patches, the Daintree river that covers and divides the forest into two, wooden bridges and small cottages that mark the interiors of the forests, and a very wide variety of wildlife that includes poisonous snakes, creepy and dangerous insects, and hungry saltwater crocodiles that have fixated their sight on your juicy foot!

    most dangerous forest in the world
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    Regardless of all these factors, the forest is one of the most beautiful destinations for exploring to be, with experienced guides and resting locations all around the forest.

  8. Darien Gap (Central America)

    most dangerous forest in the world
    Image is taken from princip.info

    Although traditionally not considered a forest, the Darien Gap consists of a huge mass landscape of forests and mountains extending from Colombia to Panama. The forests are plagued with a large variety of wildlife like snakes, poisonous frogs, blood-sucking, and infective insects that will give you a bone-breaking pain like a fever. The Marxist rebels of Colombia also inhabit a cross-road for illegal migrants from Africa, Middle East, South America, and Asia to USA and Mexico, the stretch of the land, called the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

    Although they are not as dangerous as the rebels and terrorists in the forests of Nigeria and India, they allow the movement of migrants through the forest stretch, as long as they do no interfere in their political conflict and are not spies for the Colombian Government.

  9. Congo Rainforest

    This forest is one of the most important and gets tags of the most dangerous forest in the world. The ecology of the forest covers vast and rare varieties and species of trees. The forest area stretches to countries like the Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Gabon, and portions of Central Africa. The Congo forest can be considered very dangerous because of the breeding ground for deadly viruses that cause diseases like Ebola, West Nile Fever, Dengue, Yellow fever.

    The forests are mostly populated by various tribal families, and wildlife that includes but is not limited to, bonobos, gorillas, elephants, wild cats like leopards and lions, wild boars.

    most dangerous forest in the world
    Image is taken from Wikipedia
  10. Freetown State Forest (USA)

    The forest located in the state of Massachusetts is notorious for criminal activity, paranormal activity, UFO sightings and even sighting of Big-Foot have been reported. Dead bodies of young children and women have been recovered from the forests on various occasions, often in mutilated and bizarre states. There are even reports of a growing satanic cult and performance of such activities amid the forests at night.

    There are beliefs and myths narrated by the locals who believe that the place is cursed by Native Americans, who previously occupied the forest and were poorly treated by the colonial era conquerors. This could be certainly be counted as the most dangerous forest in the world.

    most dangerous forest in the world
    Image is taken from Wikipedia

This is our list of the most dangerous forest in the world. It has been carefully curated after extensive research from various sources and websites. Have you ever visited any of these forests on the list? How was your experience?

Do you have any additional data about an existing forest or landscape around the world, that can be a notable addition to this list of “most dangerous forest in the world,” comment below and let us know! We will add it to the next such list.

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