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Movie Review : We Are Your Friends

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All a great DJ needs is “some talent, a laptop and a track” says cole in We Are Your Friends. That may not be a very good publicity for EDM(Electronic dance music). But Cole, you see, likes to talk, bold, psychedelic, including explaining how the “perfect timing” 128 BPM (beats per minute), a DJ controls the entire circulatory system of the listeners. When Cole speaks of the lower parts of the body , the camera moves even more kindly at the rear of a woman. But words are not even the worst problems of this film, which is supposedly on a DJ “talent” as Cole, his many friends, their little lives complement inaccessible Hollywood, his drug and party-hopping, Once upon a time a famous DJ, his pretty but neglected girlfriend, and his alcoholism.

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When a young DJ called to an abandoned girlfriend, you know what happens. So once the above has engaged in nothing at all – including a reseller unscrupulous real estate – it resolves itself as something is going to be a new mystery. There are parties, inside and outside, lots of dancing, and plenty of rotating bodies. How come away knowing about the music that is moving these people is something else. Max Joseph, the story writer and director, has adapted a story by Richard Silverman in this film. So there is a kernel of an idea here that Efron at least try to perpetuate their eyes look wounded. Cole and his three friends hanging just outside the circle of Hollywood who want to enter, an aspiring DJ and petty crooks they basically get paid for bringing people in nightclubs of events such as a party where the success of James Reed (Bentley) is deejaying. If you really need to be doing something with their lives is a question that the four friends only rarely raised, and then fall quickly.

The only conversation we really going somewhere with this is so rudely interrupted. Cole, however, has a way out of this life given to him when Reed took him under their wings. At the exit of clichés are your friends, Reed, despite being battered and a drunk, it is essentially a good and sad person. Bentley will play very, very well, as an honest artist, tired but not bitter. In the all-white mansion Reed (a dangerous choice has given the Reed drunkenness), Cole meets Sophie (Ratajkowski).She is a “Stanford dropout” who now works as a personal assistant for Reed, offending everyone who says she is essentially much-older to be his girlfriend.

Joseph, who has directed short films and documentaries before, but directing a film for the first time, brings several cultural frills detention, especially in an art gallery where a junkie Cole imagine dripping paint art pieces and climbing up the audience. However, José or the film is not bold enough to “let go” – another suggestion of Cole. It’s not so bad, but we know the feeling.

Verdict: ★★

A movie in which the protagonist knows how to impress everyone with his music and you wait and wait for something to just blow your mind but sadly that never happens.

Watch it if you are a Zac Effron or an EDM(Electronic dance music) fan. Share your thoughts by commenting down below.

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