Must Have Friends in a Gang!!

Must Have Friends in a Gang!! 1

College life is nothing without friends. It is the time worth treasuring. Many memories and relations are built during this period. To enhance and enchant these memories they should be filled with friends. So, take a look at the type of friends you must have in your gang:


Must Have Friends in a Gang!! 2


He is an important member of the group. But, he is often despised for being forthright as people mistakenly assume his statements as ridicules. His answers are remarkably candid. Ergo you will need him to make easy, right decisions and to get a perfect review of anything – be it your dress, your behavior, your traits. Being forthright is a considered a boon. They are fearless and honest.
CAUTION: Understand them or else quarrels are unavoidable.

Must Have Friends in a Gang!! 3


Why have a chatterbox? Aren’t they annoying?
Well, maybe they are! But, there are good reasons to have one such ‘box’ in your gang.
Bored? This should not be a problem if there is ‘he’ with you. Whenever the group is out of topics and dearth of issues to blabber, the big mouth comes to the rescue. He takes the burden of starting a discussion or at the minimum he keeps squeaking about something that is customarily unworthy yet engrossing. Wherever he is, lethargy ceases to exist.
CAUTION: He is extremely addictive.



This hardly needs an explanation. Since the primary objective of every student is to do well in the exams and put a full stop to the academics as soon as possible, the assistance of a Poindexter is quite imperative. He is the avatar during exams, assignments, class tests, seminars and everything brainy. A group is essentially considered ignorant without a nerd. But, you need to have a good geek who is willing to help – not by letting to copy the assignments but by assisting in solving them.
CAUTION: Try not to involve them in works non-geeky as the consequences are usually amateurish.


Must Have Friends in a Gang!! 4


You can call him the halfwit of your group. He would never get a thing right. Generally, his behavior, actions, and reactions are too peculiar to handle which makes him the victim of everyone’s anger and amusement. Even the person with least sense of humor is very liable to crack jokes on him. He is also a boredom-killer.
CAUTION: Never assign an important task to him as you know why!

All Rounder
He is aware of everything non-geeky. He should be aware how to get a paper signed and which person does what. Simply put, he is the encyclopedia of government procedures, payment processes, refund processes, and many more. He is a lot helpful, especially for college students.
CAUTION: Keep following them as even small mistakes in crucial applications can take an enormous toll.

Must Have Friends in a Gang!! 5


Helping Hand
He is the most active member of the group and can be approached at any time for anything. You’ll never have an opportunity to hear a ‘no’ from him. He is patient, valiant and uncomplaining. Sometimes you’ll have to bribe (at most a bar of chocolate) him for doing your work, and that’s entirely fair. These people are expected to remain ‘friends forever’ as their bits of help are seeded into the brain.
CAUTION: Just do not exploit him.
I have the entire gang with all these people. When are you getting yours?

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