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The Shocking Whaley House Mystery and Hauntings

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  The Whaley House: Mysteries And Hauntings

Are you into spooky stuff? Whaley house story is a legend that haunts the people of San Diego and mystery has not been solved even today.

Who all of you people love the horror genre and what if you experience such mysteriously spooky moments every day in every single hour. It would be real trauma. This kind of experience according to the legends, was felt by the members of the  House.

Whaley House, a haunted house in America also a registered trademark county courthouse San Diego in southern California is ranked 1st in the most haunted family home in the United States of America. This house is haunted not just by a single ghost but many of them. The real number of ghosts is not known by anyone.

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History of the Whaley House Hauntings

  • The historic house was the public execution ground before it was turned into a residence. It is said that a 6 feet 4-inch man of the name “Jim Yankee Robinson” was hanged as he was convicted for stealing a pilot boat known as ‘Plautus’ in San Diego harbor.
  • This execution according to the spectators wasn’t normal as the man was too tall and the rope was unable to get hold of his neck. Newspapers reported

“he kept his feet in the carriage, as long as possible but was finally pulled off. He swung back and forth like a pendulum until he was strangled to death”.

  • Thomas Whaley was the spectator of this sight yet he decided to buy that land. He didn’t know what was to come his way.
  • Thomas Whaley bought the land in 1855.
  • By 1857 Whaley came into being that holds the credits of the first brick-built construction in California.
  • Whaley  San Diego is also an example of Greek revival architecture.
  • Whaley house was so grand that it was first used as a granary, then courthouse, and 1st commercial theater.
  • It was also used in various businesses like a general store, ballroom, a billiard hall, school and polling place.
  • After shifting to the Whaley San Diego, the doom fell upon the Whaleys. Fire raged in the house that destroyed the general store. They shifted to San Francisco in 1858.
  • In 1859, the couple’s 18-month-old child, Thomas Jr. died of scarlet fever. The couple returned with their 5 children in 1868.
  • After their return, the courtroom shifted to New Town but the lease wasn’t completed so Whaley held back some records and wanted the New Town to compensate for the lease but the latter refused and threatened the Whaley House members for dangerous consequences.
  • When Thomas Whaley was out for trading purposes in 1870 the New Town raided the Whaley = and took all the courtroom records and kept Anna Whaley and younger daughter on a gunpoint.
  • People say it was a turning point.
  • Many people shifted to the New Town but Whaley decided to stay there with his family in isolation.
  • His decision seemed to be wrong because they were subjected to the extreme horror and trauma of living in the haunted house where they often used to hear footsteps of a huge man who roams in the house and often called out their names.
  • Violet, daughter of Whaley couple shot herself in the heart on August 18, 1885, as she drowned in shame and despair after her broken marriage with a fraud.

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  • Descendants of Thomas Whaley continued living in the same house.
  • During the renovation, workers and visitors noticed strange and eerie sounds, aromas and sights.
  • Robinson, the criminal ghost left disembodied footprints scaring family members throughout their lifetime. The youngest daughter of the Whaley family confirmed with the fact that the ghost haunting their House was Yankee Jim Robinson.

The Mysteries of The Whaley House

  • Executioner of Robinson was his godfather Sheriff William Crosthwaite.
  • The archway between the music room and parlor is said to be the exact location of the gallows.
  • Hearsay rumors say that the Whaley family often heard the footsteps of a large man and conclusions drawn are that, that the man was Yankee Jim Robinson.
  • A native American woman was the maidservant of the  House and she lived in small cubical erected in one corner of the courtroom. She has also been seen in the courtroom sitting at the corner chair. The rumors say that she saw a mysterious man standing at the top of the staircase ad was looking down. After some while, her throat was slit and she was killed.



  • Many have said that they have had an encounter with Thomas Whaley. The child visitor who was just 5 years old continuously waved at someone who she reported, was in the salon but to parents’ horror, they couldn’t see anyone. Thomas Whaley’s shadow is mostly seen on the first floor. He is seen wearing a coat and baggy pants. After being there for some time the apparition vanishes.
  • The rumors of Jim Robinson haunting the house were initiated by Thomas Whaley himself. whenever an unexplained sound arose, Thomas used to say ‘Yankee Jim Robinson is at it again’.
  • Nobody knew that he used to say this in jest or he was damn serious about this.
  • The back bedroom of the House has a number of long-standing verified rumors of paranormal activity. It was the bedroom of Thomas Whaley.

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  • Thomas Whaley regularly used to tell his guests that the house was haunted.
  • The employees who belittled the fact of the ghost actually being there were never seen again. They vanished without any evidence.
  • Many paranormal experts have spotted a dog of breed ‘Fox Terrier’ that often is seen running all over in the house mainly in the hall and the dining room. This is also known that Whaley’s house had a terrier pet named Dolly.
  • There’s a rumor that a girl named Annabelle/ Carrie Washburn who lived nearby came to play with the children of the Whaley House but she accidentally broke her neck on a clothesline which is said to be lowly hanged. This incident was said to have occurred in the backyard.

All That Makes The Whaley House Mystery Deeper

  1. But the records say that no Washburn family was living in that locality at that point in time.
  2. This rumor was initiated to promote the movie ‘Carrie’.
  3. This is also said to be an effort of an employee to add to the mystery of the house.
  • Wife of Thomas Whaley, Anna Whaley’s spirit has also been the talk of the town. It is said that the French perfume she used can be smelt in the room.
  • Baby Thomas can be heard walking with his tiny legs. The voices of him crying and giggling can be heard.
  • On the 2nd floor, Violet Whaley can be seen lingering, still consumed in grief. It is said that she spent most of her time on the 2nd floor of Whaley house.
  • Spirits have been felt within the house, on the staircase, and the property.

A young girl can also be seen in the dining room. Her major features included that she was black-skinned, had long black hair, and wore a long dress. The skirt is either Calico or Gingham with small prints. She wore a type of cap on her head and she also wears golden loops in her ears.

  1. Her description doesn’t match with any of the house members.
  2. But Whaley was on rent for many years. The unknown scary woman can be one of those tenants who lived there.
  • Visitors have had their share of experiences. Some reported that they have seen crystals on a lamp in the music room; many say that they have seen impressions of people lying on beds and pillows. Additionally, alarms also have gone off in the house for no reason.
  • The caretaker Ms. Tolentino says that she goes inside the house with some employee or any person who comes for a visitor. She never gets inside the house alone as she feels uncomfortable going to the house.
  • The caretaker says that the spirits inside the house are intelligent haunts and they also need rest from the outside world like humans.

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The Whaley House Museum is now a famous tourist attraction and it is mostly the haunted legends associated with the house that attracts them. Some get the spooky feelings while some deny the very existence of the ghosts in the house.

But whatever it is, the ghost adventures house provides is definitely appealing. Have you ever been to this house? Do you find anything eerie about it? Do tell me in the site you agree to comments.

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