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Myths and Facts About Engineering Students

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#Engineer's Motto : If it isn't broken, take it apart and fix it.

You must have come across various myths in life: Girls want soft-spoken guys as boyfriends, Travelling India is dangerous, Kejriwal will remove his muffler one day, or Sunny Leone will feature as the dutiful Bahu in a daily soap. There is a similar list of myths about engineering students that need to be busted by the corresponding facts below.

Myth 1:  Engineers are a very knowledgeable species.

has-a-masters-in-electrical-engineeringFact: No, no, no! In every practical lab, there will be one guy or one girl from each group who knows what has to be done in the experiment. The rest of the group stay far away from their respective equipments, and when the teacher comes for inspection, they mimic like they know everything about everything. As far as practical knowledge goes, ITI guys have more knowledge than engineering guys.

Myth 2: I will start studying at the start of next semester.

i-dont-always-do-my-work-at-the-last-minute-but-when-i-do-i-makeFact: This is called optimism, i.e., fooling themselves. As an engineer, you will always have a last-minute approach for every task, whether doing assignments or lab files. This is the only thing that makes them proud. Trust me, this habit will be a good friend and will stay by your side forever.

Myth 3: First, I will earn and then impress the chicks that I liked in college.

3b99f93a9de097ca7ece4206f8b94aba42b244bbc2b9001a27264c517827fed7Fact: Nice thought! But trying to come up with one of these would be like sending an invitation to Barack Obama for dinner. Once you step into the corporate world, you will realize that most of the chicks you like were already booked way back in college. You will be shocked to meet her in the corporate world, all she will want is to marry some well-settled guy, have a good house and a car. At last all you will do is slog at the office from 10 to 5 and regret why you had not tried your best in college.

Myth 4: I will write direct and to-the-point answers that will impress the examiner.

As-an-engineering-student-I-agree-completely2Fact: This myth lies in the probability that the examiner actually reads your answer, and the probability would be like 2/100. If you think it matters to him whether you write every point of the answer, then you’re a fool! This is because the examiner has to check 100’s of papers every day. So better write at least one page with a neat diagram. The neater your handwriting and diagrams are, the more you will score.

Myth 5: Your name is the last name during the roll-call, giving you the privilege in viva to be questioned at last. So you would know every question that the external examiner is going to ask in the viva.

150038_444331555619989_285132133_nFact: As much as you want your examiner to be dumb, he will never fulfill any such wishes. As in the viva section, the external examiner is somehow endowed with superhuman powers to formulate the worse questions ever. You’ll still be screwed just as bad.

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