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Myths Vs. Realities Of College Life

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College, college, college. A time of our lives we look forward to, a time of epic awesomeness, and a time we all wish would last forever.

We all hear about what will happen, but what actually happens?

If you don’t know them already, then we present it to you: Myths Vs. Realities of College Life.

Myth: You’ll find people who are just like you. ???????? ???? ??? ???????? ?????

Reality: No one will be exactly how you want them to be, and you won’t be the way they want you to be either, but you will all find common ground and find a few friends who will be there for you forever.


Myth: You’ll be really sincere about your studies and get all the recommended books on the first day.


Reality: Yeah, right. Day of the exam: Which subject is this again?


Myth: You’ll maintain all subject notebooks properly and look up the timetable to check which books you should take.


Reality: You end up with only one notebook and one pen and scattered notes of all subjects and pray to god that it all makes sense when you study.


Expectation: You’ll be dressed up really well every day.

college fashion

Reality: It’ll be lucky if you remember to wear your pants before you leave cause you are always late. Also, curse the days you need to wear a uniform.


Expectation: You’ll finally go to parties and enjoy the nightlife of your city with your friends every weekend.


Reality: Parents. And if you stay in a hostel, the curfew time is probably before the club even opens.


Expectation: The teachers will be your friend.


Reality: You will pray that the teacher doesn’t remember you so that if you’re ever bunking and they see you, they don’t know who you are.

you dont know me

Expectation: You’ll meet ‘The One,’ and you’ll be happy together forever.


Reality: You either are forever alone, or you end up in a complicated friendship/relationship where you don’t know what is even going on, but you’ll be happy nevertheless.


Expectation: You’ll have a huge college group, and you’ll be really popular on campus.


Reality: You end up with a few quirky people who are just as weird as you are, and it doesn’t matter if people know you or not because it’s easier to be around a few people who don’t judge you and help you be a better person


Expectation: You’ll taste all the weird food in your city and maybe blog about them.


Reality: You’re always broke and finally thankful for mummy ka Dabba.


At the end of the day, everybody has a different experience of their college life. And it is a memorable part of everybody’s lives, a part that we all wish we could relive again. Because somewhere in this crazy fast forwarded life, we forgot what it was like to be a kid, and college is what reminded us how to be a kid again.

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