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NCERT Solutions Class 11 Maths Key To Success in Exams

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In this competitive era of education, the National Council of Education Research and Training NCERT is one of the best guides and solutions for the students. NCERT includes study material for students, teaching materials, references, all types of audio video material. NCERT is an independent organization which is set up in India and aims to design and implement a good and common education system in India.

NCERT books are well designed so that a teacher and student can understand the format. It becomes the duty of the teachers to make the students understand the study material in the school class session itself. Each and every chapter of the book is made clear to the students by the teacher. The purpose of the book should be such that if any question arises in the exam a student should be able to give answers to all the questions.

NCERT Solutions Class 11 Maths Key To Success in Exams 1

Problems faced in solving class 12 maths

Maths is considered as one of the vital subjects in a curriculum. Almost 60% of students fear maths, so it is important to remove the fear of maths from a student’s life.  Many queries come up by the parents and students that they face problems in solving mathematics. The biggest issue found is that the teaching technique in class is not correct. Teachers need to give many real life experiences while making a student understand.

The main determination should be in solving the mathematical step rather than understanding the concept. The teacher should relate the real life situation as an example in making the students understand. A student will understand better if an imaginary situation is created. Once the topic is cleared a student should solve minimum 10 sums a day and submit the same to the parents or teachers.

Solving NCERT Questions

Yes, once a student completes a session in maths it is very important for him/her to solve the questions that are provided in the exercise portion of the book along with the examples. Examples need to be solved in order to completely clear the concept. The question should be solved based on their understanding. If they go wrong they can again rectify themselves. Many students just copy paste from the NCERT Solutions Class 11 Maths and then submit the same to the teachers and parents, but this will harm them in the near future. The questions should be solved by the students themselves to make the concept clear and compare the solution with the available solutions.


Going through the NCERT Solutions Class 11 Maths is important for the students. A student should select a particular topic for practice and revision on a daily basis. One should also do revisions along with solving questionnaires. The students should compare the solutions provided by the teachers or the solutions provided in the NCERT solution book. By solving the NCERT solutions one should be rest assured that they are preparing for CBSE BY NCERT. Thus it becomes important for one to solve at least 10 questions per day for proper revision.


NCERT books have been designed as such with the huge panel of teachers who are well experienced, having knowledge in all aspects of the subject and maintaining standards for the curriculum for the bright future of the students. The material is designed with the latest syllabus. The material is drafted such that it is well understood by the entire students of the country from various backgrounds and with various intellect levels. The questions are also well drafted so that it becomes easy for the students to give a good performance in the examinations.

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