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New Guy In Mumbai.

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Let it be the local trains, BEST buses or the local auto rickshaws. You have to travel all across the city with these public transport amenities if you do not own a ride of your own. Will suggest getting your own ride, but if you really want to feel the typical Mumbaiya effect, commute with those available amenities. Right from top CXOs to the street vendors travel in the locals. Let it be from as far as a place called Virar or let it be the town or I would rather say, Bombay. So you are already in the set of daily commuters. Move on and take the feel, yes, if you are really tired of the typical sniff of the sweat during your journey, take a break hire a rickshaw or a taxi or maybe a cab if you are seriously looking out for a luxurious travel.

Ricksaws in Mumbai
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Travelling back to the history of the city, or rather the creation of the land of dreams (Maya Nagri), I would rather talk about the process of built of the city rather than a typical historical approach, which you would actually find with hundreds of articles, novels, documents, etc. Bombay is basically a conglomerate of 7 islands. Back then a lot of political, muscle and, of course, cash has been utilized to build this fabulous city now called Mumbai. Apart from people from across the globe not only wanted to explore, but also the then millionaires wanted to explore and exploit the rich coast as well as the natural beauty in and around it.


Well, that’s all I would share as of now as far as the history is concerned. Now let’s get back to the future, PRESENT DAY.

Here people come chasing their dreams and look forward to living with it. But, it’s always the nature of equilibrium that everything comes for a cost. No matter who you are or what you are or what you are looking for. This city will make sure you lose out every single thing starting from a penny till your inner will to chase your dreams. If you still stand out and put in your best for yourself, I bet this city will make sure you not only get back what you lost, but you get much MUCH more than that. But my dear friend before you start receiving the incentives and perks, boss you are going to be tested like a hundred times, cheated like a thousand times and tried to be killed maybe a couple of times, again maybe.

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So before you actually decide to jump into the mega circle for getting sloshed, be sure you have the guts to face all possible negative stuff to you. The reason being if, you would not be able to sustain the tremendous stress, strain and all sort of shit that would happen to you, then maybe you would land up in either a psychological disorder rehab center or maybe back to your home like a loser or may be just one more human body in either of the religious crematory land. So before you jump into the city of dreams do think about it as much as possible and then make your smartest move towards your dream.

In short, before you become the new guy in the city, think if you really want to be the new guy!

Best of luck for your first session with yourself, then you do not need any luck for the next step.

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