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Lockdown Creativity: Man dresses as Yamaraj, God of Death

Creativity is on the roll since the lock-down was enforced. Police and

Riya Dennis By Riya Dennis

Dedication to Duty: BMO Doctor Goes Back to Work after Giving Birth

Amid surging corona cases in Madhya Pradesh, many doctors are stepping up

Riya Dennis By Riya Dennis

West Bengal Reports Two More COVID-19 Deaths

In the last 24 hours, the number of patients who contracted COVID-19

Palak Bothra By Palak Bothra

#BoycottSouthCityMall: How South City Mall Made The Wrong Noises

Breasts are the most essential parts of a woman's body. Media company

malissa By malissa

The Top Yogi Adityanath Name Changes till Now

An Indian city led by an obstinate Hindu nationalist preacher indicted for

Joanna A Saramarla By Joanna A Saramarla

How much will the Rama Statue in Ayodhya Cost?

The Statue of Unity was inaugurated by the current Prime Minister of

malissa By malissa

BJP And It’s Big 7 Achievements Since 2014

Bharatiya Janata Party has been existing in India since 1980. Since the

Nishi By Nishi

People are going to boycott the movie ‘Padmaavat’ says Karni Sena Founder

‘Never judge a book by its cover’ and this famous saying is

Sushmita Panda By Sushmita Panda

The Padmaavat Reality Check

Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Padmaavat' released on 25 January 2018 after getting a

Sushmita Panda By Sushmita Panda

The Stories That Won The Ram Nath Goenka Awards

From covering natural calamities to risking their lives, they did it all.

Sushmita Panda By Sushmita Panda

The Aftermath Of Gujarat Elections

This was BJP’s sixth consecutive win in the Gujarat Assembly elections. While

vrinda By vrinda

ASCI Found 62 Major Companies’ Advertisements Misleading

Advertisements are the biggest and easiest method to promote any product. Many

Shafaque11 By Shafaque11

PM Modi’s Birthday To Be Celebrated In Govt Schools Of Varanasi

The BJP led Uttar Pradesh will be celebrating Prime Minister Narendra Modi's

Sushmita Panda By Sushmita Panda

Insect Found Inside Domino’s Oregano Packets

A Delhi guy namely Rahul Arora uploaded a video on 10 September

Sushmita Panda By Sushmita Panda

Violence in School Needs to Stop

Schools, of the places of education has today, been corrupted by violence

aarthi95 By aarthi95

India To Have It’s Very Own Bullet Train

Everyone has heard of the bullet train, Shinkansen, in Japan is the

aarthi95 By aarthi95

Gun Violence Claims Another Life

The murder of Gouri Lankesk has shaken all of us. The murder

aarthi95 By aarthi95

Radhe Maa Under Trouble After Harassment Case Filed Against Her

Haryana High Court has directed the Punjab police to file FIR against

Shafaque11 By Shafaque11