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Top 6 Influential Women in The Realm of Politics

Following is a list of 6 influential women who have established themselves

Arundhati_Ghosh By Arundhati_Ghosh

Think Twice Before You Say BH*NCH*D The Next Time!

“RIGHT TO SPEECH" Do you really think that this right gives us

jyoti dua By jyoti dua

‘No Country For Women’: Addressing the Gender Problem

Gender-based inequality has its roots deep in all human civilizations. This inequality

Radhika Sharma By Radhika Sharma

An Inspiring Way to Celebrate Republic Day

How are you going to celebrate this Republic Day? Most of us

Shubham Awasthi By Shubham Awasthi

Kalki Koechlin’s ‘The Printing Machine’

It is true how the printing machine is a diligent witness of

Radhika Sharma By Radhika Sharma

Caste Segregation and Politics of Bihar

In the fall of 2015, India witnessed a series of events that

Shubh By Shubh

Ten Most Expensive Desserts In The World!

“I prefer to regard a dessert as I would imagine the perfect

Priyanka Sukumar By Priyanka Sukumar

India’s First Transgender Modelling Agency: Mitr Trust

In April 2014, Supreme Court recognized 'transgender' as the “third gender” for

Shubham Awasthi By Shubham Awasthi

Khap Panchayat in Haryana Issues a Progressive Ruling

The Khap Panchayat of Jind Haryana surprised everyone with its landmark ruling

Saee Pawar By Saee Pawar

Being Salman Khan: Golden Jubilee

Salman Khan turns 50 today, and we got to admit that he

Anjali Nair By Anjali Nair

Nirbhaya’s Case: Release Of The Juvenile And Its Consequences

What is Justice? What is justice? For the countless years we have

Viswajith By Viswajith

Gender Inequality Index Places India at a Miserable 130th

According to the latest HDR (Human Development Report) of the United National

Saee Pawar By Saee Pawar

Three Years of Nirbhaya..

Yes, Today is 16th December. Three years ago, a horrifying incident took

Anjali Nair By Anjali Nair

Dear Women, How Safe Are Your Men?

Ask this question to yourself, and then ask it again until you

Apurva Jain By Apurva Jain

Mumbai Girl Body Shamed at a Designer Store

Mona Joshi, a Mumbai-based girl, was out shopping on what she thought

Sanaa Mehra By Sanaa Mehra

A Big ‘NO’ to Dowry: Kerala Bride Calls Off the Wedding on FB

Dowry is the money or property that is given by the bride

Sanaa Mehra By Sanaa Mehra

Commercially Sexy

“Dil beimaan beimaan beimaan hai…. Dil…”  Does this tune “ring a bell”?

Apurva Jain By Apurva Jain

Stunned Days: Mark Zuckerberg Visits IIT Delhi

If you’re still living under a rock, let me tell you what

Apurva Jain By Apurva Jain